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Interactive Maps Project

This project's aim is to create a series of interactive maps for any page that can use them. Following a single design, this can bring another level of help and interactivity to the Wiki.

Status summary[edit]

  • The project's initial goals have been completed, and nobody is currently working on the further developments.
    • All of the explorable area maps are complete with basic data such as collectors, bosses, outposts and portals.
    • Shrines and bounties: All Nightfall maps have shrines with bounties labeled. Some Eye of the North maps have shrined marked, but not all. Factions and Prophecies have not yet been started.
    • Links to the interactive maps remain with poor screenshots of the interactive maps, these should be reverted to World Map images of the area.
  • Dungeon, Mission and Outpost maps were abandoned due to lack of interest.
  • This project won't be repeated for Guild Wars 2 because the GW2W has access to API data to provide interactive maps in combination with the leaflet widget.



To do[edit]

  • Add shrines to Prophecies, Factions and Eye of the North maps (the latter should preferably link to the specific npc name for Norn territories)
  • Re-upload the clean maps using a Texmod rip for better quality (per this suggestion.)

Test Pages[edit]

Use these to propose/test ideas for the maps themselves and how they should be incorporated into the article page.

New map formatting template:


Here it is: the big list of the map pages on GWW and their status.

  • Crossed out maps → completed.
  • Monster-tango-icon-48.png → Needs boss/mob/patrol research.
  • Resurrection Shrine icon.png → Needs bounty information added.
  • Light of Deldrimor.jpg → Needs Light of Deldrimor research.


Explorable Areas[edit]

Elite Areas[edit]