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Who am I?[edit]

I played through pre-searing on a demo account when Guild Wars was new, but didn't like the game because it wasn't Diablo 2. Finally started playing Guild Wars around september 2009, because I was fed up with Diablo 2 and all its mods. End of Story.

In real life, I study computer science and earn some money as a game designer/developer for a german browser game.

What am I doing on this wiki?[edit]

I'm a powergamer at heart. I love fiddling with builds, strategies and game mechanics, maybe more than actually playing the game.

So when I see something on the wiki that's missing, inaccurate or presented in a poorly structured way, I can't help but do some research, then edit.

What can I do for this wiki?[edit]

I'm not a native english speaker, but more often than not my writings don't get reverted and replaced with something better. That's something, I guess.

I can find my way around programming related stuff, including templates, DPL queries and whatnot. I find it easier to express concepts in computer language than in human speak.


External tools I maintain[edit] - Nicholas Hunt Coordination
a little tool I wrote. Maybe the community will use it to search for Nicholas the Traveler in a more coordinated way. Maybe not.
A tool for easier entering of drop data. See idea and initial discussion and community discussion/approval.

Unfinished Projects[edit]

User:Tub/Sandbox/Skill progression
an update of {{Skill progression}} for modern browsers, that'll also allow us to display correct data on all articles. Unfortunately it made some usability tradeoffs, which met a lot of resistance from the unfavored side of the tradeoff, with no regards to the other nice things it'll bring. Status quo is king, I guess.
A parsing/statistic generation tool for data on GWW - see discussion. Now I have a bunch of articles with statistics on my computer, but no way to upload them to the wiki or anywhere else.

Finished projects[edit]

User:Tub/Sandbox/Material categorization
auto-categorization for {{Item infobox}} and {{Weapon infobox}}. See Template_talk:Item_infobox#salvage_auto-cats for discussion. - has now been mainspaced on {{Material categorization}} by Chieftain Alex.
*/Drop rate
calculate totals in drop tables. Added to Royal Gifts, Imperial Guard Lockboxes and Gifts of the Traveler.
{{Location disambiguation 2}}
An automagical version of {{Location disambiguation}}. Developed here.
for Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/Interactive Maps, add shadows to {{Dynamic map label}} for easier readability
ParserFunctions upgrade
not my project, I just prepared a proposal for something ANet wanted to do anyway. Oh well. ParserFunctions are now updated, StringFunctions are enabled on the wiki. Yay!
purged the term "self-targeting" from this wiki, since game mechanics suggest that "untargeted" is a better term.
lots of template updates to allow WiK, WoC, events etc to be specified as the "campaign" parameter in several infoboxes (i.e. User:Tub/Sandbox/Quest Infobox). Should be done, although some infoboxes haven't been updated since it didn't seem to make sense at the time.
Nicholas the Traveler/Research
I've been involved in a few template fixes, nothing major.
Overhaul Mallyx the Unyielding (quest)
when I got here, all quest articles about DoA were inconsistent, incomplete and largely useless. We spent lots of time in DoA with a 2-man-6-hero-team until we figured it out, and I made sure to update everything on the wiki.

Research projects[edit]

I've done research on these subjects. The respective articles should explain what I know, but if you're curious about other details, feel free to bug me. Maybe I know.