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This template is used to easily categorize articles into any fitting categories in Category:Contains common crafting material and Category:Contains rare crafting material.


This template is to be inserted into the templates {{Item infobox}} and {{Weapon infobox}}, it is not to be added directly to the article.

{{Material categorization|materials}}


unnamed parameter 1
A text containing links to material pages. This can be as chaotic and free-form as some data entered on {{Item infobox}}, e.g. 4-5 [[Bolt of Cloth|Bolts of Cloth]]<br>4-5 [[Tanned Hide Square]]s

Due to ambiguity between Steel Ingot / Deldrimor Steel Ingot and Leather Square / Elonian Leather Square, a mere mention of the material is not enough, it needs to be linked.


These examples merely show links of the categories that would be found, the actual template categorises instead.

{{Material categorization|[[Deldrimor Steel Ingot]]s<br />[[Elonian Leather square]]s}}
Category:Contains deldrimor steel Category:Contains elonian leather

{{Material categorization|[[Steel Ingot]]s<br />[[Leather square]]s}}
Category:Contains steel Category:Contains leather

{{Material categorization| }}
Does not categorise.


  • If no links are found in a material text, the page goes to Category:Material list without links for review.
  • This template is a clutch, born out of necessity due to shortsighted implementations of {{Item infobox}} and others. Don't even think about adding something similar to GW2W, design proper templates from the get-go instead.