Mallyx the Unyielding (quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about about the quest. For the final boss of this quest, see Mallyx the Unyielding.
Mallyx the Unyielding
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by High Priest Zhellix
in Gate of Anguish
(Domain of Anguish)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Difficulty: Master)

Quest Information[edit]




The quest consists of four separate parts done in four separate zones of the Domain of Anguish. You may enter any of the four areas in any order to complete the quest. Completing an area and killing the Overlord in the area updates the quest and causes a chest to appear which drops Anguish Gemstones for each party member (see notes below). For further details, see the articles on the individual quests and overlords.

Lord Jadoth[edit]

In the City of Torc'qua, complete the quest The City of Torc'qua to spawn Lord Jadoth.

Four groups of Margonites will spawn outside the gates to the Stygian Veil. The first will rush to the city gates, and does not have any boss. It may be easily defeated by having the players to stand on the hill right inside the city, and using a puller to lure the enemies so they may be attacked from above.

The second and the third groups will each have a boss, Shaunur the Divine and Turep, Maker of Orphans. These groups are also significantly larger than the previous one and may pose a threat to players who engage them head on. After both groups have been destroyed, Lord Jadoth himself and his group will step forward, standing in front of the gate to the Stygian Veil. Those enemies have two Margonite monks, and so may be hard to defeat.

A strategy to defeat the three boss groups is by forcing them to split. Each of the three groups moves as a single whole, so directly pulling them will result in an entire group following. However, if players stay within the walls of the city, at the eastern position of the map, it's possible to use a Longbow to attack and so pull the enemies. Some will try to hit the players through the walls, while others will move all the way around the city gate and so engage the players directly - when that happens, if the players retreat, all enemies will try to move directly back to their original position, and those who are within the city walls will be separated from those outside. This will end in smaller groups that are easier to defeat.

When all groups are completely wiped, the quest will update and a Torc'qua Chest will spawn, containing Margonite Gemstones for everyone.

In HM, the combination of Repressive Energy and Quickening Zephyr results in severe energy denial. It would be advisable to take away caster Heroes' weapons (wands and staves should be removed, they should ideally have only a focus item) to prevent them from auto-attacking and disabling particularly energy intensive skills. For those who are running a BiP hero, disabling Protective Was Kaolai and Life (commonly included in a BiP hero build) helps. The player should try to engage outside the range of Quickening Zephyr as much as possible. Martial professions that rely on energy, Assassin's in particular, will have a difficult time due to the nature of energy denial.

The Greater Darkness[edit]

In Ravenheart Gloom, complete the quest chain To the Rescue!The Rifts Between UsDeathbringer Company, after which The Greater Darkness will spawn and taunt you.

When moving closer to its initial spawn point, two of the Darknesses will spawn. All three are easily defeated, but killing the group will spawn five more of the Darknesses, and whenever one of these the Darknesses is killed, it spawns five Earth Tormentors.

Once you kill the three initial darknesses, run away to break aggro (leaving minions/spirits behind will help). The five the Darknesses that spawn are separate groups and can be pulled individually. By doing so, you will only face five Earth Tormentors at a time. A well-timed area of effect snare or Aegis will render them mostly harmless, allowing you to decimate the group before it hurts.

After killing all 33 foes, the quest will update and a Ravenheart Chest will spawn, containing Torment Gemstones for everyone.

The Fury[edit]

In The Foundry of Failed Creations, complete the quest chain The Foundry of Failed CreationsFoundry Breakout to spawn The Fury.

He will be accompanied by several mesmer and elementalist Guardians of Komalie and two Margonite Anur Ki. They will spawn at their usual location as soon as the quest reward for Foundry Breakout is accepted - make sure General Yendzarsh is nowhere near their spawn point when finishing the quest, or they'll spawn right on top of you.

The group is easier to kill if it's split with careful pulling. Spread out to avoid their AoE damage. The elementalists (including The Fury) are susceptible to Pain Inverter.

When both the Fury and his group are destroyed, the quest will update and a Titan Chest will spawn, containing Titan Gemstones for everyone.

The Dreadspawn Maw[edit]

In the Stygian Veil, complete the quest chain Breaching the Stygian VeilBrood Wars to spawn the Dreadspawn Maw.

She is not a targetable foe, but can be killed by destroying the six Smothering Tendrils that spawn along with her. The Dreadspawn Maw will have a progress indicator that shows her strength. Killing a Tendril will remove 1/12th of the bar and killing the Stygian mob that spawns afterwards will remove an additional 1/12th. All in all, all six Tendrils and their spawns must be destroyed for the quest to update. Killing a Smothering Tendrils also spawns a number of Torment Claws which are not required, but may get in the way if left alive.

Kill the Smothering Tendrils one at a time, then retreat to safe grounds before dispatching the Stygian mob. Engaging the Stygians amidst the Torment Claws is not recommended. Clear out any claws that are in the way before proceeding to the next Tendril.

If you have trouble retreating through the claws, retreat early and leave a dedicated party member behind to finish the Tendril - he will likely die, but everyone else is safe. Bring Rebirth and a means to remove Death Penalty when using this tactic.

After the Dreadspawn Maw is dead, the quest will update and a Stygian Chest will spawn, containing Stygian Gemstones for everyone.

The Ebony Citadel[edit]

The last part of the quest is at the same time the Elite Mission of the Nightfall campaign.

For all further information, see The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx.


Initial dialogue[edit]

High Priest Zhellix
"To defeat Mallyx the Unyielding, we must break into his Ebony Citadel. However, it will not be quite so simple as just knocking on his tower door. Mallyx the Unyielding has four great servants...the General, the Fury, the Greater Darkness, and the Dreadspawn Maw...known collectively as the overlords.
These are all powerful beings unto themselves, and the four of them together would surely overwhelm any force seeking to gain entrance. Our only hope lies in destroying the overlords before attempting to confront Mallyx. If you somehow manage to defeat these overlords, return to me and we will begin preparations for a strike on the Ebony Citadel."
Yes Accept: "Piece of pie! I shall destroy the lords."
No Decline: "Gods! We just defeated Abaddon. I'm going to Resplendent Makuun."
Ask Ask: "Destroy the four Lords of Anguish. You will find Lord Jadoth in the City of Torc'qua. The Fury is in the Foundry of Failed Creations. The Greater Darkness is in Ravenheart Gloom. And the Dreadspawn Maw is in the Stygian Veil."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

After completing the first four objectives

High Priest Zhellix
"Incredible! The feat you have accomplished was long thought to be inconceivable. I can see why your assistance was so valued by Kormir. Speak with me again when you are ready to begin the assault on the Ebony Citadel."
We have defeated all the Lords of Anguish and are ready to face Mallyx the Unyielding.
"You have done well to defeat the four Lord [sic] of Anguish. To face Mallyx the Unyielding, I must perform an opening ritual to force open the gates to his citadel. When you are ready we will meet outside the citadel. Pray that the gods are with us."
Yes Accept: "We are ready."
No Decline: "We are not ready yet."

High Priest Zhellix: "I'm beginning the ritual to open the gates to Mallyx the Unyielding. Hold off any attackers until I am finished."

High Priest Zhellix: "Stand fast! I need more time to complete the ritual!"

High Priest Zhellix: "Strike down Mallyx the Unyielding, and the Forgotten shall once again be the caretakers of this realm."

Mallyx the Unyielding: "Enter and face Mallyx the Unyielding. Come face your doom!"

Mallyx the Unyielding: "This is my realm. Kormir shall never rule here!"

Mallyx the Unyielding: "I grow impatient with this tiresome battle. Come forth, my minions, and decimate these intruders."

Mallyx the Unyielding: "Demons of Torment, I summon you! Cleanse the citadel of these infidels."

Reward dialogue[edit]

High Priest Zhellix
"Well done, <Character name>. The Reign of Mallyx the Unyielding is over at last. Kormir may now ascend and freely take her place as the Goddess of Truth. The Forgotten are forever in your debt. We shall remember your valiant deeds for ages to come. There is still much work required to repair this tormented realm, but for now let us celebrate this momentous occasion."


  • All members of your party have a chance of getting Primeval Armor Remnants in their inventory while completing the quest.
  • Doing the four sub-quests successfully in one run, as opposed to doing each separately, causes the chests that appear once the areas are completed to drop an increasing number of gems. For example: the first chest drops one gem for each party member, next chest drops two gems per party member, third chest drops three and fourth chest drops four. These numbers are doubled in hard mode.