Foundry Breakout

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Foundry Breakout
Section Domain of Anguish Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Tekliss
in The Foundry of Failed Creations
(Domain of Anguish)
Preceded by The Foundry of Failed Creations
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Difficulty: Master)
The Foundry of Failed Creations map2.jpg
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Free the Forgotten prisoners and lead them to safety.

Quest information[edit]




After taking this quest, clear the entire Foundry of enemy patrols before attempting to complete the quest objectives. Patrols will consist of Titans, Margonites, Greater Dream Riders and Tortureweb Dryders. Unlike previous rooms, the Foundry itself is spacious and allows for kiting and evading enemies.

Once the Foundry is cleared, the prisoners can be freed. When speaking to each prisoner, a spawn will appear when choosing the related quest dialog. Captain Valkyss is guarded by Tortureweb Dryders and Greater Dream Riders. Silzesh is guarded by fourteen Dementia Titans and General Yendzarsh is guarded by a mixed group of Titans.

After all three are freed, the quest marker will point southward. The party should send their tank or puller to the gate. This will trigger the spawn of The Black Beast of Arrgh. He will be accompanied by a small group of Titans. The Beast is a Dervish with a very nasty skill called "Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh", which will set the target's attributes to zero for 20 seconds. However, it is fairly easy to kill the Beast if the party can offer him a tank who can keep him from laying his touch on other party members.

After the Beast and his original minions are killed (spawns of the Titans do not count), the quest will be completed and the three prisoners will, thankfully, be removed from the party list.

Be careful when accepting the quest reward. When you do, The Fury and his minions will spawn at the location indicated on the map - if General Yendzarsh happens to stand there, they will spawn right next to you. Killing those will spawn a Titan Chest (containing Titan Gemstones), open the path to the City of Torc'qua and progress the quest Mallyx the Unyielding. See there for a walkthrough.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"I know of at least three other Forgotten prisoners who have survived their time inside the Foundry: Silzesh, Captain Valkyss and General Yendzarsh. Rescuing them would be a great boon to our cause; particularly Yendzarsh who is one of our greatest leaders."
"Will you help me rescue these Forgotten prisoners and find some way for all of us to escape?"
Yes Accept: "Your cause is my cause."
No Decline: "Even at my best, I could never free all three."
Ask Ask: "Free the Forgotten prisoners."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Silzesh: "Help! Save me from these wretched monsters."
Silzesh: "How in the name of the Five Gods did you make it in here? I could never even bring myself to believe ever making it out of here alive. Thank you for giving me hope. Lead the way."
Captain Valkyss: "Tekliss sent you in to help us escape? I never thought this day would come."
General Yendzrash: "Free me from this prison and my brethren will reward you."
General Yendzrash:"May the gods bless you for your efforts on our behalf. If we survive to see the outside of this infernal place. I shall see to it you receive a proper reward."

Reward dialogue[edit]

General Yendzarsh
"I cannot thank you enough for rescuing us from the clutches of these Margonite butchers. Together, perhaps one day we shall see the end of them."


  • Greater Dream Riders will follow indefinitely. Separate them from their patrols and then pull them far from the Dryders and then try to destroy them with regular attacks or Lightbringer's Gaze. Avoid using enchantments when engaging them as their Shatter Enchantment will deal a lot of damage when they are "Enraged".
  • Keeping the prisoners alive can be quite difficult. First, the prisoners do not follow anyone in particular, instead they tend to follow the party member who is moving most frequently and/or calling targets. Having one member of the party constantly moving to keep the prisoners towards the back of the party is helpful, along with resisting the temptation to call targets as much as possible.
  • Bonding the prisoners makes it easier to keep them alive. Also, casting Spell Breaker on Captain Valkyss as he runs from the Tortureweb Dryders is recommended. Summoning Ritualist spirits near the prisoners before talking to them can help distract the enemies while the prisoner gets away.