The Foundry of Failed Creations (quest)

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The Foundry of Failed Creations
Section Domain of Anguish Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Captain Jerazh
in The Foundry of Failed Creations
(Domain of Anguish)
Followed by Foundry Breakout
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
(Difficulty: Master)
The Foundry of Failed Creations map2.jpg
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Purge the Foundry of Failed Creations' entrance of Titans and Demons.

Quest information[edit]


  • Fight your way through the entrance chambers to gain entry to the foundry.
  • Clear the first chamber of enemies.
  • Clear the second chamber of enemies.
  • Clear the third chamber of enemies.
  • Clear the fourth chamber of enemies.
  • See Tekliss for your reward.



Clear the four chambers leading to the foundry. After all party members step past the tentacles to enter a chamber, the tentacles will close behind them and the party will be locked inside; this also triggers the initial spawn of foes. The tentacles will not open again until all the monsters in the chamber have been destroyed. In three of the four chambers, additional group(s) spawn after the first group is killed.

  • Chamber 1: The first group are Margonites; when they are destroyed, they spawn a group of two Despair Titans and two Rage Titans.
  • Chamber 2: This chamber can be difficult to fight in because its size leaves no room to maneuver. The initial group consists of Margonite Anur mixed with Tortureweb Dryders. After these are destroyed, the new spawns include Tortureweb Dryders mixed with Greater Dream Riders.
  • Chamber 3: This room has only a single spawn, but it includes four patrols: four Anguish Titans; four Rage Titans; four Misery Titans; and three Tortureweb Dryders with a single Greater Dream Rider. When the titans die, they will spawn lesser titans (Anguish → Despair → Fury; Misery → Rage → Dementia). Each patrol covers the full perimeter of the room, so it is very difficult to pull just a single group unless you stand in the far corner and are very careful. Positioning is extremely important in this room, both to avoid over-aggro, and to minimize the harm from powerful AoE spells. Once the initial enemies are dead, the door to the next room will open.
  • Chamber 4: This chamber has four successive spawns: Tortureweb Dryders mixed with a Margonite Anur Ki, followed by about 18 Dementia Titans, a mixed group of Despair, Rage, and Dementia Titans, and finally a group with a Greater Dream Rider, a Margonite Anur Ki, a Tortureweb Dryder, a Despair Titan, two regular Fury Titans, and one special Fury Titan (noticeably larger than the rest) which can drop a unique item. When the Despair Titan dies, it spawns two more regular Fury Titans which do not need to be killed to open the door to the Foundry.

After clearing the final chamber, players may advance to the Foundry; Tekliss will be just past the entrance.



Demons (Margonites)



Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Jerazh
[Difficulty: Master] "Heroes! I require your aid to mount a rescue mission into the Foundry of Failed Creations. But you should know it is nearly impossible to gain entrance to the foundry. To reach those unfortunate enough to be taken inside this bastion of torture, you must pass through four chambers, each with its own challenge. If you somehow make it through the outer defenses, look for a Forgotten named Tekliss. He was one of my best soldiers. If anyone could survive in there it would be him."
Yes Accept: "I shall give your regards to Tekliss"
No Decline: "Isn't there...I don't know...a secret back entrance?"
Ask Ask: "Clear the four chambers to gain entrance to the Foundry of failed creations. Speak to Tekliss if you survive."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"You broke into the foundry through the front chambers? Amazing! You must be quite powerful to accomplish such a feat. Perhaps you could help me rescue some of my Forgotten brethren who are still locked away within this bastion."


Bug Bug.If you clear the first room before taking the quest and then take the quest the wall will appear again and cannot be removed. This will trap whoever took the quest and anybody else still behind the wall.