High Priest Zhellix

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High Priest Zhellix
Forgotten dark.jpg
Affiliation Forgotten
Type Forgotten
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

High Priest Zhellix is one of the Forgotten leading the attack on the remnant, but still formidable, forces of the Margonites.




Quests given:



"Beyond this place lies the Domain of Anguish, the last bastion of Abaddon's forces. The Margonites and their demonic allies are lead by Mallyx the Unyielding from his Ebony Citadel high above in the Heart of Anguish. For Kormir to take up the mantle of Goddess of Truth, all traces of Abaddon and his worshippers[sic] must be eradicated."


  • He is one of the few NPCs labeled a priest that is not a Monk.