Dreadspawn Maw

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Dreadspawn Maw
Dreadspawn Maw.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Landmark
Dreadspawn Maw map.jpg
Location in Stygian Veil.

The Dreadspawn Maw is a colossal demon who is the mother of the Stygians and one of the four Lords of Anguish. It seems to have merged into the land itself, leaving the only visible portions of her body consisting of a large fanged maw surrounded by tentacles and fanged trenches known as spawning tunnels.

Unlike other Mallyx the Unyielding's Overseers, it cannot be fought directly, but is slain by destroying its Smothering Tendrils and all the Stygian creatures which spawn after a Tendril is killed.



Quests involved in:

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