Temple of the Six Gods

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Temple of the Six Gods
Temple of the Six Gods.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Landmark
Temple of the Six Gods map.jpg
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Originally a temple on the shores of the Crystal Sea, was despoiled by Margonites and sucked into Torment when Abaddon was defeated. Some of the original god-power has remained captive within it.


Once located in the Crystal Sea, the Temple of the Six Gods was a place of homage and worship to the six gods: Balthazar, Dwayna, Grenth, Lyssa, Melandru, and Abaddon.

It is said that because of the Margonites' love for their patron god, Abaddon, they defiled all five of the other gods' shrines. The temple, along with Abaddon, was cast down into the Realm of Torment by the five gods during his fall. The Temple of the Six Gods now resides in the location known as the Depths of Madness found in the Realm of Torment, where it is now called the Temple of Abaddon.

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