City of Ar'Challah

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City of Ar'Challah
City of Ar'Challah.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Type Landmark
City of Al'Charrah.jpg
Map to City of Ar'Challah

Margonite city in the Depths of Madness.


The City of Ar'Challah is a Margonite city in the northwest area of the Depths of Madness, very close to where Abaddon is kept imprisoned. It is one of three known Margonite cities, the others being the Battlements of Bec'qessor and the larger (and much more well-known) City of Torc'qua.

Ar'Challah is located on a cliff edge, cut off from the rest of the area except for four seemingly natural stone bridges. Jet-black Margonite architecture flecked with purple torment energy dominates the area, though it is inhabited by both Margonites and their Shadow Army allies. Topo resides here with his entourage as guards, though he is not particularly threatening.

Getting there[edit]

Leave Abaddon's Gate and head due north.








  • Although the city itself is accessible in-game, the city's name and description were both extracted from the gw.dat file, and have never been on the live servers. As such, the name and description here may or may not be considered official.

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