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Roll of Vellum.png Intro[edit]

Hello! And nice to meet you! It seems your steps have led you to my user page.

You probably know me for updating the texmod cartography mod, which turns the four cartography titles achievements from a long and boring process into a walk in the park.

I don't play as often as I used to, so you probably won't find me in game anymore, but if you do then don't hesitate to whisper me. It's always nice to see people online in this wonderful game!

I have made several solid achievements ingame, such as achieving gwamm twice, getting ldoa on all 6 original professions, legendary survivor on all 10 professions, a few account-wide titles and HoM 50. I am lastly one of the few brave (or more likely crazy) enough to have gone for Indomitable Survivor in pre-Searing.

Since I am kind of a "teacher" type of person (which is why I have made countless contributions to this wiki btw), don't hesitate to ask me anything (whisper me ingame or post on my talk page), I am always happy to be of help and will try to answer you as best as I can.

Have a great day!

Ruine Eternelle

Feather.png Story of me, I guess[edit]

  • In real life I am an engineer and a (mediocre) writer from Versailles, France
  • When I started the game I was 15 and allowed to play only two hours per week.
    • I wasted a lot of time in Ascalon, not knowing where to go.
  • My first character was a tyrian male elementalist with secondary Necromancer called "Imag Hell", because I figured blood magic was cool and having a lot of energy was useful to use the spells.
    • I deleted most of my characters at some point, except him and a female assassin, "Ruine Cruelle", named after the Doom Dragon in Golden Sun. Since then I started using the name "Ruine" for easier identification.
  • I stopped playing almost 5 years, started playing again when gw2 was already out, because my computer could run gw1 but not gw2.
  • I am a perfectionist.
    • Two of my characters are God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals, "Dieu De La Ruine" ("Dieu" means "God"), a ranger, and "Tombe En Ruine", a necromancer.
    • Delving into cartography, I researched portal jump and SaO chains, and reworked the cartography mod for Texmod specifically to gather all knowledge into one tool.
    • I obtained Kurzick and Luxon title. For the second in particular, I created a guild, "The Bat Out Of Hell" [BooH], to gather people for MQSC. While the guild was later disbanded due to various (mostly real life) reasons, it was a successful experience as I was able to recruit and manage around 30 people, organizing teaching sessions as well as full guild party runs. Together with "The Acid Snake" [TAS] alliance, we managed to take control of Cavalon.
    • I reached 50/50 HoM and the wisdom title by farming vaettirs, going as far as using a bot (something I am not very proud of).
    • I have accomplished Legendary Defender of Ascalon and Legendary Survivor on all professions.
    • In pre-Searing, I farmed enough experience to reach Indomitable Survivor on E/Mo "Ruine Eternelle".

More GW stuff[edit]

Playing with a friend

5 gimmicky teambuilds ideas

Other games[edit]

I know all core Pokemon games and a few other RPGs, like Golden Sun, FF and Ni No Kuni.

I like artistic games and good stories: Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, Child of light, ori and the blind forest, life is strange.

I enjoy platform games: portal, super mario galaxy, rayman 1,2&3, hollow knight.

I am a Corrin main in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

And here is my first real game as a kid


A moment of peace before mission with guildies
Pondering on a carpet made of vaettirs.
Tombe En Ruine becomes Defender of Ascalon
Tombe En Ruine becomes a Goddess
Relique becomes Savior of the Luxons
Ruine Eternelle becomes Indomitable Survivor
Glitching the gate of the Pogahn Passage
Glitching the gate of the Ruins of Surmia

Ruby.png Userboxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
The Mad King's Influence.jpg The Mad King's Influence is Ruine's favorite skill.
Elementalist-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Elementalist by nature.
Main Wiki.png This user prefers PvE.
Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
Melandru mural (Gandara).jpg This user is a devoted follower of Melandru's teachings.
Heal as One.jpg This user believes in the power of Animal Companions.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
User Jora fan.jpg This user is a member of the Jora Fan Club.
Heart of the Norn.jpg This user will be a Norn in Guild Wars 2.
Racing Beetle.png This user never leaves home without his Racing Beetle, "Carnage".

Diamond.png Account-wide titles[edit]

Sapphire.png Words of Comfort[edit]

  • "Hai:3 [...] thanks again for the comment you left on my talk page and for making the red link turn blue! [...] I like your page and you seem nice, woop woop! [...] Thanks for the tips! :) " Jackie User JackieDiJackJack Heart.gif
  • "nice to see you on PvX too." DANDY ^_^
  • "nice page... glad to see people are still using Lensors old character page template. ;)"-- Salome User salome sig2.png
  • "Thanks for your coucou, maybe ours journeys will cross ingame ;). Oh, and your texmod map is wonderful. Cannot say thanks enough for this!" -- Nae Lussia Taani
  • "If you're able to make Texmod work like you do, then you're far better at coding than I'll ever be. Keep up the good work!" G R E E N E R
  • "Break out of the map eh. I'm listening ;)" Chicken 1.jpg Magamdy
  • "Thanks for your project by the way, your map had two regular tiny spots in EotN that I didn't have yet, even though I had a huge mapping and portal jumping project a few years ago." aRTy
  • "Well thank you (and the other contributors of course) for this great mod! I enjoyed uncovering every little piece of the map!" Azura (talk)
  • "Thanks for your outstanding work on that map mod, by the way!" — snogratUser Snograt signature.png
  • " I am glad someone is finally updating th[e ldoa] page."Shade the (talk)
  • "You [and Shade The] are probably the 2 most experienced pre players left on the wiki." Steve1 (talk)
  • "The work [Ruine has] done has been quite substantial and very beneficial."Shade the (talk)"
    "Since I started that paragraph: I concur with Shade's assessment."Steve1 (talk)
  • "Heya - [...] I put your name down as a potential addition [as admin]. It seems to me that you've added a lot of valuable contributions to the wiki since you first joined. [...] I'm hoping you would be willing to give it a shot?"horrible | contribs
    [...] I do not dare take game-related engagements or make game-related things more prevalent than they already are in my life. [...]
    Thank you again anyway, it's really nice from you. - - Ruine User Ruine Eternelle Ruine Eternelle.jpg Eternelle
    That's totally fair. It's definitely good to know what you're comfortable with, and I completely respect that. Thanks again for all the wonderful things you're adding to the wiki. horrible | contribs
  • "Thank you! I'm bad at the wiki so your adding the bug template is greatly appreciated :)"
  • "Rangers are very effective in endgame, due to their ability to speedrun endgame content the fastest (I believe the current world record for DoAHMSC is held by a ranger primary, as well as being included in most speed clear teams for extremely high damage output. The endgame professions of popular choice are ranger, mesmer, (assassin,) and dervish. I used to burn rangers into the ground, but even I have to acknowledge how awesome they are once they pop a few cons. If you're not convinced yet, do give endgame rangers a decent try. You will not be disappointed!" - Infinite - talk
  • "I didn't know creating this page would cause so much reactions." - - Ruine User Ruine Eternelle Ruine Eternelle.jpg Eternelle
    "This is one of the oddities of life. Some actions create a tsunami, while others create not but a ripple; and no one can truly predict which will happen.[...] Don't let it bother you. Just do it, and work with others as the situation calls for it, like you've been doing." G R E E N E R

Glob of Ectoplasm.png Stuff[edit]


My understanding of professions[edit]

User Ruine Eternelle Guild-wars-professions.png

Good things[edit]

  • Pre-Searing (the area and the fact that it's cut off from the rest of the game)
  • Shing Jea
  • The jade sea
  • Echovald forest
  • Weaknesses and resistances for foes
  • The ability to skip missions
    • Running, in particular Drok run
  • The skills sandbox:
    • Elemental Flame
    • Smiter's Boon (the PvE one)
    • Zealot's Fire (may make me want to actually play heal)
    • Master of Magic
    • Contagion
    • Dark Aura
    • Soul Barbs
    • Arcane Echo
    • Dwarven Stability
    • Heroic Refrain
    • Soul Taker
    • Together as One
    • Seven Weapons Stance
  • Soundtracks:
    • Abaddon's Mouth
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Tasca's Demise
    • Sands of Kryta
    • Factions overture
  • ... and a million things more.
  • Weapons with unusual:
    • skin.
    • particle effects.
    • requirement
    • damage type
  • Things that reference gw2

Things that need a fix[edit]

  • The AI doesn't recognize Soul Taker (or Contagion) as a skill that causes health sacrifice for the purpose of Dark Aura. However it recognizes Offering of Spirit, Spirit Light (and Enfeebling Blood) as such, wasting time and energy to use it on characters with those skills, even if there is a spirit in earshot.
  • There is a bundle to buy the fire imp that is at the same price than the bundle to buy the imp AND the bonus weapons.
  • Overcast should have accelerating removal when out of combat, similar to health regeneration outside of combat.
  • Many skills are underwhelming, so a few buffs could be used
  • Maybe nerf Fast Casting in PvE, and the armor of foes. Maybe increase the weaknesses or add new weaknessese (lightning or piercing damage vs harpies for instance).
  • Add a tome merchant ?

Skill ideas[edit]

Existing skills improvements[edit]

  • Over The Limit : (Energy Storage) - Elite Enchantment spell - For Xs, your level is increased by 2...7...8, and your attributes are increased by 1...2...2.

Slightly serious[edit]

Name Attribute Skill type Effect Favors
Grey Area Energy Storage Enchantment Spell 5 overcast - For Xs, elemental and chaos damage you deal is increased by +1 damage for each 2 points of overcast you have, and deal +10 additional damage if suffering from Deep Wound. You suffer from Deep Wound for 10s. Skills with overcast. Credits to Falconeye.
Penetrating Fire Fire Magic Skill For Xs, your elemental spells have 10...42...50% armor penetration if you are on fire. Elementalists, especially in end game. The burning requirement may be a joke but is here to balance?
Armor of Spirits Spawning Power Enchantment spell For X s, you are treated as a spirit, gain 0...8...10 armor, and your ritualist spells deal 10% more damage. Damaging ritualists. Many skills require spirits, so being treated as spirit can allow to circumvent having to play with those. Can lead to some innovative stuff with signet of ghostly might, armor of unfeeling, Painful Bond, Spiritleech Aura, Spirit Transfer, but also issues with Feast of Souls, Spirit to Flesh, Draw Spirit, Signet of Binding. Immunity to healing and conditions to be considered.
Better on my own Spawning Power Skill For X s, your attacks and ritualist spells deal 0...16...20 more damage. No effect if there is an allied spirit in earshot. Damaging ritualist not using spirits.
Auramancy Water Magic Enchantment Spell Elementalist enchantments recharge 66% faster. You gain 1 energy for each ally affected when you cast an elementalist enchantment spell (max 4) Obscure skills such as Magnetic Surge, Magnetic Aura, Swirling Aura. Can also make Obsidian Flesh or Double Dragon easier to maintain.
Bone Armor Death Magic Enchantment Spell Target ally is treated as undead, getting +40 armor against piercing and cold damage, but also -20 armor against blunt damage and double damage from holy damage. The bones deal 3...21...25 piercing damage on adjacent foes for each attack. Exploits a fresh corpse. Melee allies without minions.
Distance Master Tactics Skill Foes in the area can be attacked with melee weapons. You have 0...40...50% chance to block melee attacks. Melee fighters. The chance to block is there because it's in tuen with the skill name.
Hunt as One Beast Mastery Skill You and your animal companion steal 5...17...20 health with your attacks as long as you are adjacent to each other. Pets fighting alongside their master, improving damage and tanking ability. Would be fun if we can have a ranged pet ?
Attachment Beast Mastery Skill Your animal companion's attacks deal 1...4...5 more damage for each time you have taken damage since the activation of this skill. Symbiotic Bond. ~8s duration ?
Beast Soul Beast Mastery Elite Skill For Xs, your pet merges with you. You move 25% faster, your attacks strike twice and Skills that affect your pet affect you instead. GW2 mechanic implemented in GW1
Call to Nothingness Channeling Magic Hex Target non-player foe has -5...33...40 armor for 1...5...6s. If target foe is killed under the effects of this skill, he will not leave a corpse.Leaves an exploited corpse instead if the target is a player, a hero or a henchman. Fun ? Teambuilds without minions, armor-respecting damage, counters resurrection happy foes.
Evil Pandemic Blood Magic Elite Enchantment Non-elite necromancer spells that affect only one foe cost twice less energy, recharge 50% faster, and affect nearby foes as well. Weak single-targeted necromancer spells.
Ripples of Magic Energy Storage Enchantment For Xs, Your wards and wells cover a wider area. When a ward of well is created, foes in the area of effect take 20...36...40 damage. Wards and wells are replicated once if there is a potential target in range, and you lose 10 energy. Wells and wards
  • Copycat - (Illusion Magic) - Elite Spell. Summons a friendly ally that is a copy of target non-boss foe. This ally cannot use monster skills, deals 50% less damage and dies after Xs. Target foe is Dazed for 3s.
    • Always wanted to use a foe against him
  • Mist of Illusions - (Water Magic) - 10s. Spell. The next time a team member would die from damage or life steal, that party member becomes untargetable for 1...7...9s instead.
    • New mechanic of untargetability. I am not sure whether I was intending it to be single target or team-targeted. Probably something in the line of Angelic Bond
  • Grab - (Unlinked Warrior) - Touch Skill. You and target touched foe cannot move for 5s. No effect if both hands are wielding a weapon.
    • Forces that foe to stay in the AoE.

Likely a joke[edit]

  • Frenzy Fire : (Energy Storage) - Stance - For 0...6...8 s, spells cast and recharge 50% faster. you take double damage.
  • Misfire : (Fire Magic) - Spell - Throw a slow moving fireball that deals 50...130...150 fire damage on impact. If no enemy is hit, a random ally takes 50...130...150 fire damage.
  • Animate Limbs - (Death Magic) - Spell - Animate one bone minion lvl 1...5...6 for each party member suffering from Deep Wound.
  • Zero Shades of Grey - (Blood Magic) - Signet - You lose Deep Wound and all overcast. You start bleeding for 10s.
  • Sadism - (Blood Magic) - Enchantment Spell - For 10s, target ally pays the sacrifice cost of your skills and new conditions you suffer from are transferred to that ally. You are healed for 1...20...25 each time this happens. If that ally was under the effects of Masochism he is healed for 1...20...25 as well.
  • Seduction - (Unlinked All professions) - Skill - If target foe is of the opposite sex, it is dazed and cannot attack for 5s. If you are a Mesmer with Illusion Magic above 5, the effect lasts twice as long.
  • Loud Mouth (Command) - Elite Echo - For Xs, each time target ally uses a shout or chant, foes in earshot take 10 sound damage, foes in front of the target ally take 10 additional sound damage, and this echo is reapplied.
  • Uproar - (Curses) - Hex - For Xs, Target and nearby foes take 5...17...20 damage each time they take sound damage.
  • "THIS.IS.ELONA!" - (Leadership) - Shout - Target foe is knocked back, shadow stepping away from you and getting knocked down. If there was a wall or a hole behind him, that foe takes 10...82...100 damage and the knockdown lasts 3...5...5s.
  • Fresh Breath - (Motivation) - Skill - All nearby creatures with a sense of smell are healed by 0...16...20 every time you use a shout or chant.
  • Garlic Breath - (Command) - Skill - All nearby creatures with a sense of smell take 0...16...20 damage every time you use a shout or chant. Vampires and Incubi take an additional 80 damage.
  • Lazyness - (Motivation) - Hex - You move and attack 50% slower for 8s, and the activation of skills takes 50% longer. The effect and duration is doubled if motivation is at 0, no effect on targets with motivation 9 or more, and when affected by a command shout. Each time you attack, any foe in adjacent range suffers from Lazyness for 5s.
  • "Heel!" - (Beast Mastery) - Shout - Your pet, summoned minions and spirits shadow step to your position. Can also affect selected NPCs, notably Mehnlo, Togo, Adelbern and Rurik.
  • Leash - (Beast Mastery) - Skill - Whenever you and your pet are more than 100' apart, your pet teleports to your position. Can be used in outposts.
  • Spy - (Illusion Magic) - Enchantment spell - For Xs, you turn hostile to your own team, and become ally to the nearest foe's team. This skill's duration depends on the intelligence of the nearest foe and lasts longer if you are a secret agent.


  • The following icons are unused but quite okay.

High Winds.jpgHoly Veil Beta Icon.jpgLightning Storm.jpgUnnatural Signet (alpha version).jpgREMOVE (Wind Prayers skill).jpgCall of Resilience.jpgIntimidating Aura (beta version).jpg



Those that listen[edit]

Obsidian Shard.png Credits[edit]

To Lensor, for the page layout code.

A special thanks to all those taking the time to correct my mistakes, especially Steve1 and Greener.