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Daily (changes at 16:00 UTC - other days)
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Nicholas Sandford Skale Fin Dull Carapace
Vanguard quest Vanguard Annihilation: Charr Vanguard Bounty: Countess Nadya
Zaishen Mission Tihark Orchard Finding the Bloodstone
Zaishen Bounty Kunvie Firewing Z'him Monns
Zaishen Vanquish Kessex Peak Mourning Veil Falls
Weekly (changes Monday at 15:00 UTC - other weeks)
This week Next week
Nicholas the Traveler 3 Charr Carvings
in Flame Temple Corridor
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(GuildWiki guide)
3 Red Iris Flowers
in Regent Valley
(PvX guide)
(GuildWiki guide)
Weekly bonuses Zaishen Bounty Bonus Factions Elite Bonus

Roll of Vellum.png About me[edit]

Characters I played the most with :

User Ruine Eternelle Characterschart.png

Titles and fun things :

User Ruine Eternelle Borderless1.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Borderless2.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Borderless3.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Defef.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Goddess.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Luxon.jpg User Ruine Eternelle EasterVaettirs.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Guild1.jpg User Ruine Eternelle Guild2.jpg

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I am also on gw2 !

Quick links :

I am a member of the guild HERD (Bunch Of Black Sheeps). I also am a member of the guild mAd (The Mad House).

Ruby.png Userboxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user is a Tyrian at heart!
The Mad King's Influence.jpg The Mad King's Influence is Ruine's favorite skill.
Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
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Sapphire.png Account Information[edit]

Account-wide titles :[edit]

Glob of Ectoplasm.png Stuff[edit]

top 10 best skills in PvE (imho)[edit]

Honorable mentions : Protective Spirit, Ether Renewal, Fragility, Aura of the Lich, Edge of Extinction, Barrage, Great Dwarf Weapon, "For Great Justice !"... "You Move Like A Dwarf !", "Finish Him!", Barbs, Soul Barbs, Mark of Pain. Don't know much about monking but probably Unyielding Aura and Seed of Life.

  1. "Save Yourselves!" "Save Yourselves!"
  2. Panic Panic
  3. Pain Inverter Pain Inverter
  4. Summon Spirits Summon Spirits+Signet of Spirits Signet of Spirits
  5. Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit
  6. Shadow Form Shadow Form+Shroud of Distress Shroud of Distress
  7. Shared Burden Shared Burden
  8. Arcane Echo Arcane Echo
  9. Critical Eye Critical Eye
  10. Assassin's Promise Assassin's Promise



Small maths[edit]


Choosing your profession (PvE)[edit]

Warrior and elementalist are good early game to mid-game, but tend to be less effective end-game as enemies have a high armor rating. For warriors Sword is probably the best, but Axe and Hammer do the job too. For eles Fire Magic is probably the best, Air Magic and Earth Magic can be decent.

Monk and ritualist have limited but very powerful offensive options in Ray of Judgement and Signet of Spirits respectively (use SoS with other spirits, Summon Spirits and Boon of Creation). Can try to play as a pure healing or protecting class but this is difficult in PvE for aggro reasons.

Necromancer is powerful but slow. Arcane Echo+Spiteful Spirit is kinda broken. Huge inbuilt energy management in Soul Reaping.

Mesmer, assassin and dervish are incredible. Mesmer is easier than one can think, and is best if you want to be rewarded for quick reactions. Domination is by far the best, switch to illusion if you are bored. Assassin is all about dagger chain, notably Death Blossom, can also successfully use weapons from the secondary profession warrior/dervish/ranger/paragon and optimize critical hits. Dervish is mostly mysticism with scythe mastery, sometimes earth prayers for Vow of Strength and Sand Shards (but Grenth's Aura can be cool).

Ranger is versatile, able to work as a poor man's dervish, assassin, paragon, warrior, even necromancer (for touch skills) and ritualist (for binding rituals). Bows can also deal very high single-target damage (or large with Barrage). Pet is fun sometimes.

Paragon Imbagon is broken. Paragon is not good otherwise.

Optimized Walkthrough of GW[edit]

How to get lvl20, near perfect build, near perfect gear, near perfect team + a few easy titles with the lowest time investment

Skills for duo playing (and more)[edit]

If you can get a friend into the game

Experimental teambuilds (for the lol)[edit]

My 5 teambuilds :

Reap Impurities.jpg+Fevered Dreams.jpg Reap Dreams

Explosive Growth.jpg+Jagged Bones.jpg Explosive Bones

Equinox.jpg+Arcane Languor.jpg Equinox Languor

Quicksand.jpg+Quickening Zephyr.jpg+ Famine.jpg Quick Famine

Quickening Zephyr.jpg+ Psychic Instability.jpg Psychic Zephyr

Not my work, definitely interesting[edit]

Applied lessons in gate glitching

Pre-Searing perfects

Speedclear Wiki (no MQSC though, MTSC isn't the one I used to know)

Obsidian Shard.png To Do if time (and if enough interested people)[edit]

  • A new, improved tutorial on Cartography and the mod
  • A tutorial on professions (skills and playstyles) and important points of the game (campaign choice, secondary profession choice, reaching lvl20, unlocking heroes, useful elite skills, ascension skill quests, outposts to unlock)
  • A tutorial on LDoA
  • A tutorial on vaettir farm for survivor
  • A tutorial on Advanced techniques for cartography (how to break out of the map in GW) (1 peep interested)
  • Small rework of the mod using colors :
    • Yellow for areas that can be explored under very special circumstances (April's Fool notably) (cause yellow=gold=rare)
    • Violet for portal jumping (SaO chains) (cause violet = dream = infinite possibilities = assassin skills)
    • Pink for areas requiring PvP (cause pink = human flesh I suppose)
    • Brown for old areas that can't be explored anymore (cause brown = old)
    • Green for Minion Trick (cause green = necromancer)

if you want to see anything in particular, or want a priority on any of these points, please leave a word on my talk page :)

Onyx Gemstone.png Credits[edit]

To Lensor, for this great page layout code.

A special thanks to all those taking the time to correct my mistakes, especially Steve1 and Greener.