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Roll of Vellum.png About[edit]

Welcome! It seems your lost steps have led you to my user page.

It's fine, we all get lost sometimes.

Please mind the french and have a good day.


A moment of peace before mission with guildies
Tombe En Ruine becomes Defender of Ascalon
Tombe En Ruine becomes a Goddess
Relique becomes Savior of the Luxons
Imag Hell pondering on a carpet made of vaettirs.
Glitching the gate of the Pogahn Passage
Glitching the gate of the Ruins of Surmia
Ruine Eternelle Becomes Indomitable in pre-Searing

A not-so-small story[edit]

Once upon a time there was a french guy named Marc, born in 1991. A weirdo with antisocial troubles, he was a fan of Lego, Playmobil, puzzles, Pokemon and death metal.

One day he stumbled upon that video game called Something Wars (ah I really can't recall the name right now), and started playing it.


He was a spellcaster, name "Imag Hell" (a terrible name with "mag" as the german for "like", because he was learning german at school), whose main source of happiness was to throw fireballs at everything in sight with a sliver of red on it: Fishes, plants and trees, cows, poor bandits trying to make a living, tribal natives, piles of stones, all kind of spiders and cats...


Inevitably, Imag Hell was drawn to the Catacombs. Answering some deep inner calling, and thanks to the "guidance" of the sexy Kasha Blackblood, he became a Blood Magic Necromancer .

The Searing arrived, and the once beautiful land of Ascalon became a deadly hostile and monochromatic wasteland. As a result of this (and of the mental trauma), the young wizard got completely lost in the tangled paths and immense maps and wandered restlessly, searching for the way out. There were red dots everywhere however, so at least he wasn't too bored.


Five years is what it took for the mage to get out of Ascalon and land in Kryta. He had wandered so much by the time that he could have become Legendary Cartographer.

He started writing maps to help him find his way, but they end up being more useful to other fellow Texmod explorers.


Arriving in Kryta he met with a bunch of skeletons having some kind of party with humans in white clothing. Imag Hell was introduced to the skeletons' leader, a lich who told him that he should go to Augury Rock.

Remembering that he had recently learned Meteor Shower, the mage greeted him with a display of fireworks, but it ended up killing everyone.

Fleeing the angry mob of white mantle representatives, Imag Hell boarded the first ship towards the south, to the Crystal Desert and Augury Rock (or so he thought).


Instead he reached Kaineng City. It didn't look much like desert and sand, but there was Earth Magic. He got the best armor he could afford, obtained Elemental Attunement and learned the skill Dragon's Stomp, which he immediately proceeded to test on nearby members of the Jade Brotherhood, a local guild that eventually disbanded due to a sudden lack of members.

At some point he left the city and started to kill some big turtles. Then several more. Then a lot more. Then some weird people leaving in a stone forest went to him and carried him in triumph for having killed the turtles, calling him their "savior" or something.

Being actually a real friend of nature, Imag Hell didn't like their attitude so he killed them all.

Then some pirates leaving in a stone sea went to him and carried him in triumph, calling him their "savior" or something.

Tired of being annoyed by all these weird people, he killed them all and sought to leave Cantha, but eventually ended up out of bounds and got stuck there for a while.

He then met a meditating dude in full red. Thinking it was an enemy he attacked and killed the guy but missed an Earthquake and fell into a chasm.

He did survive the fall, but had to wait at least 40 days for the overcast to wear off.


At the end of the crevice he reached an abandoned town in the mountains.

He decided to set camp there for the night. But the town was actually haunted by ghosts that prevented him from sleeping, so he decided to kill them all to finally grant everyone a rest.

He unconsciously assimilated the poor souls in doing so with his latent blood powers, so this experience actually made him near immortal and a source of wisdom. Having nothing to do with wisdom he would later donate it to the guild wars wiki.

Before he left, he proceed to pillage the town because the folks that lived here were actually filthy rich.


Resuming his search for the Augury Rock, he arrived at the Eye of the North. He emptied his inventory in one of the cupboards there, when suddenly several weird voices out of nowhere called out to him, calling him their "Champion". Thinking that it was a bad prank by gwen, he left.


After a year he met a seasoned ascalonian ranger. Glad to help a fellow adventurer, the ranger finally guided him to Augury Rock. Overjoyed of being finally granted ascension and godhood, and not really caring about being a god, Imag Hell gave his new title to the ranger as thanks.


Imag Hell found himself wandering again in the desert, waiting for something to happen. He met a young female necromancer with a serious case of bloodlust.

He fell in love with her, and both went on to kill stuff in Elona.

The inhabitants would later complain about being plagued by "demons", but in actuality it was just the two and their army of minions murdering everything in sight. Varesh, Abaddon and the margonites, misunderstood good guys trying to protect their beloved country, tried to stop them. But even Abaddon's knowledge was unable to comprehend the two troubled minds and he ended up being killed as well.

A nearby snack of one of Abaddon's servants somehow absorbed the energy from Abaddon's death, but a part of it went to the necromancer and she became a goddess.


As all goddess she had her own cult, in her case a bunch of lunatic but skilled individuals. The guild was named "The Bat Out Of Hell" [BooH], and counted 30 guild members. The members were full of resources and managed to take control of the luxon capital Cavalon, turning the attention of the inhabitants away from their bots idols for a moment.

Over time, the power of Abaddon had cured the necromancer of her mental disorders and she and Imag Hell eventually got married and settled in Istan. They had a daughter, an elementalist who (luckily) turned out to be normal, and lived together happily until a most unfortunate event.


On April the 1st, as Imag Hell had gone lost again he stumbled upon a seemingly dormant Golem lying around on a beach. He destroyed it, just incase, but before leaking its last drop of oil the golem took him back in time, before the Searing, and then exploded, leaving the mage with no way to return.


Hoping to go back to his own time and find the necromancer again, he recruited a complete team made of the best of each profession and joined the guild The Wise Ones [OWL], where he has found people to help him in his quest.

With a bit of spare time he built a pretty statue in his daughter's image, which he called "Ruine Eternelle".

Ruby.png Userboxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user is a Tyrian at heart!
The Mad King's Influence.jpg The Mad King's Influence is Ruine's favorite skill.
Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
Main Wiki.png This user prefers PvE.

Sapphire.png Account-wide titles[edit]

Glob of Ectoplasm.png Stuff[edit]

Skill ideas[edit]

Slightly serious[edit]

  • Penetrating Fire : (Fire Magic) - Skill - For Xs, your elemental spells have 10...42...50% armor penetration if you are on fire.
  • Armor of Spirits (Spawning Power) - Enchantment spell - For X s, you are traited as a spirit, gain 0...8...10 armor, and your ritualist spells deal 10% more damage.
  • Better on my own - (Spawning Power) - Skill - For X s, your attacks and ritualist spells deal 0...16...20 more damage. No effect if there is a spirit in earshot.
  • Auramancy - (Water Magic) - Enchantment Spell - Elemental enchantments recharge 66% faster. You gain 1 energy for each ally affected when you cast an enchantment spell (max 4)
  • Bone Armor - (Death Magic) - Enchantment - Target ally is considered undead, getting +40 armor against piercing and cold damage, but taking double damage from holy damage. The bones offer +5...17...20 armor and deal 3...21...25 piercing damage on adjacent foes for each attack. Exploits a fresh corpse.
  • Distance Master - (Tactics) - Skill - For Xs, foes in the area can be attacked with melee weapons.
  • Hunt as One - (Beast Mastery) - Skill - For Xs, you and your animal companion steal 5...17...20 health as long as you are adjacent to each other.
  • Attachment - (Beast Mastery) - Skill - For 10s, your animal companion's attacks deal 1...4...5 more damage for each time you have taken damage.
  • Call to Nothingness - (Channeling Magic) - Hex - Target non-player foe has -5...33...40 armor for 1...5...6s. If target foe is killed under the effects of this skill, he will not leave a corpse.
  • Evil Pandemic - (Blood Magic) Elite Enchantment - All Necromancer spells that affect only one foe cost twice less energy and affect nearby foes as well.

Likely a joke[edit]

  • Misfire : (Fire Magic) - Spell - Throw a slow moving fireball that deals 50...130...150 fire damage on impact. If no enemy is hit, a random ally takes 50...130...150 fire damage.
  • Animate Limbs - (Death Magic) - Spell - Animate one bone minion lvl 1...5...6 for each party member suffering from Deep Wound.
  • Zero Shades of Grey - (Blood Magic) - Signet - You lose Deep Wound and all overcast. You start bleeding for 10s.
  • Sadism - (Unlinked Necromancer) - 5% health sacrifice - Enchantment Spell - Target ally pays the sacrifice cost of this skill and suffers from bleeding for 10s. You get healed for 100 and move 33% faster for 10s. If that ally was under the effects of Masochism he is also healed for 100 and moves 33% faster for 10s.
  • Seduction - (Unlinked All professions) - Skill - If target foe is of the opposite sex, it is dazed and cannot attack for 5s. If you are a Mesmer with Illusion Magic above 5, the effect lasts twice as long.
  • Loud Mouth (Command) - Elite Echo - For Xs, each time target ally uses a shout or chant, foes in earshot take 10 sound damage, foes in front of the target ally take 10 additional sound damage, and this echo is reapplied.
  • Uproar - (Curses) - Hex - For Xs, Target and nearby foes take 5...17...20 damage each time they take sound damage.
  • "THIS.IS.ELONA!" - (Leadership) - Shout - Target foe is knocked back, shadow stepping away from you and getting knocked down. If there was a wall or a hole behind him, that foe takes 10...82...100 damage and the knockdown lasts 3...5...5s.
  • Fresh Breath - (Motivation) - Skill - All nearby creatures with a nose are healed by 0...16...20 every time you use a shout or chant.
  • Garlic Breath - (Command) - Skill - All nearby creatures with a nose take 0...16...20 damage every time you use a shout or chant. Vampires and Incubi take an additional 80 damage.
  • Lazyness - (Motivation) - Hex - You move and attack 50% slower for 8s, and the activation of skills takes 50% longer. The effect and duration is doubled if motivation is at 0, no effect on targets with motivation 9 or more, and the hex is removed when affected by a command shout. Each time you attack, any foe in adjacent range suffers from Lazyness for 5s.



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Onyx Gemstone.png Credits[edit]

To Lensor, for this great page layout code.

A special thanks to all those taking the time to correct my mistakes, especially Steve1 and Greener.