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The tale of Lady Ruine. An ascalonian elementalist once existed, gifted with great magical power and great beauty. However she lived with a terrible fear of losing that power and her youth. She decided to try to make her body immortal using an ancient and powerful ice magic. The attempt was a failure, and the ice magic seeped in her, freezing her movements forever, to the point where she could barely move. And anywhere the lady went, as a terrible reminder, the once green and fertile land that surrounded her turned into snow and ice. This was even stronger at the location where the experiment failed; the area was later to be known as "Wizard's Folly".

When the searing came the Lady vanished out of all knowledge. Those who knew her believe she was broken by the fire of the catastroph. Others believe she transfered her soul out of her body, so that she could survive longer. Various theories mention an artifact, others an animal and some even a human, Imag Hell, which was her most loyal and promising apprentice, and coincidentally had become mad with the advent of the Searing and was wandering the dead wastes of the old Ascalon, killing everything under a storm of fire.

Here ends the memories and legend of the crazy witch of Ascalon.

Years later, an adventurous norn elementalist, Amaryllis Cœurdefeu, fell on a strange artifact in a strange icy cave south of Lake Adorea. That day, a new seer was born.

Which character did I played the most with ?

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Titles and fun things :

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Welcome to my user page !

I am a member of the guild HERD (Bunch Of Black Sheeps). I also am a member of the guild mAd (The Mad House).

I am a late gamer who never used or saw ursan, iway and stuff like that. All I've known since I started playing is perma sf, discordway and bots in JQ.

I am slow and my network is as slow as me so don't expect to see me pvping or monking or interrupting things anytime soon.

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Small maths[edit]


Choosing your profession (for newbies)[edit]

Warrior, ranger and elementalist are powerful classes early-game and mid-game (when enemies have a low armor rating), but they tend to get less effective in end-game (though never totally ineffective, as rangers have barrage, warriors have Hundred Blades and elementalists have... well, burning maybe ?).

Monk and ritualist, the two healing and protecting classes...are a lot of trouble to play in PvE due to aggro issues. It's a bit stupid : you (as the player) will have to aggro BUT you are a healer and should stay behind during fights.

You can play them offensively though, and it's not a bad idea, as monks can have good offensive presence with Ray of Judgement (especially in areas with undeads), whereas ritualists have Signet of Spirits as a great damaging niche.

Necromancers are powerful but slow.

Mesmers, assassins and dervishes are the best classes in the game.

Paragons have a great niche in Imbagon. Aside from this build, they are awfully bad.

Optimized Walkthrough of GW[edit]

How to get lvl20, near perfect build, near perfect gear, near perfect team + a few easy titles with the lowest time investment

TOP 100 Best Skills in Guild Wars[edit]

From my own experience

Skills for duo playing (and more)[edit]

If you can get a friend into the game

Experimental teambuilds (for the lol)[edit]

My 5 teambuilds :

Reap Impurities.jpg+Fevered Dreams.jpg Reap Dreams

Explosive Growth.jpg+Jagged Bones.jpg Explosive Bones

Equinox.jpg+Arcane Languor.jpg Equinox Languor

Quicksand.jpg+Quickening Zephyr.jpg+ Famine.jpg Quick Famine

Quickening Zephyr.jpg+ Psychic Instability.jpg Psychic Zephyr

Obsidian Shard.png To Do if time (and if enough interested people)[edit]

  • A new, improved tutorial on Cartography and the mod
  • A tutorial on professions (skills and playstyles) and important points of the game (campaign choice, secondary profession choice, reaching lvl20, unlocking heroes, useful elite skills, ascension skill quests, outposts to unlock)
  • A tutorial on LDoA
  • A tutorial on vaettir farm for survivor
  • A tutorial on Advanced techniques for cartography (how to break out of the map in GW) (1 peep interested)
  • Small rework of the mod using colors :
    • Yellow for areas that can be explored under very special circumstances (April's Fool notably) (cause yellow=gold=rare)
    • Violet for portal jumping (SaO chains) (cause violet = dream = infinite possibilities = assassin skills)
    • Pink for areas requiring PvP (cause pink = human flesh I suppose)
    • Brown for old areas that can't be explored anymore (cause brown = old)
    • Green for Minion Trick (cause green = necromancer)

if you want to see anything in particular, or want a priority on any of these points, please leave a word on my talk page :)

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To Lensor, for this great page layout code.

A special thanks to all those taking the time to correct my mistakes, especially Steve1 and Greener.