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Roll of Vellum.png Intro[edit]


Nice to meet you!

You probably know me for the cartography mod. Or you saw me in pre-searing or elsewhere in game. Or you have seen my edits on the wiki.

The real name is Marc, I'm french. I enjoy exploring and investigating things until they break, which is why I'm currently working as a software quality engineer.

A few facts about me :

  • Guild Wars is my most played game.
  • My first character was an Elementalist/Necromancer using Blood Magic.
  • As a child, my parents allowed me to play only for two hours a week.
    • I would mostly waste those playing on my own and thus getting lost in the explorable areas and secondary quests.
    • I used to ride a bike all the way up a 10% slope for 1km to play the game at the closest game center.
  • "Ruine Cruelle" (and later "Ruine") comes from the RPG Golden Sun.
  • I created a guild for MQSC, "The Bat Out Of Hell" [BooH], of about 30 people.
    • As part of "The Acid Snake" alliance, we took control of Cavalon.

I don't play as often as I used to, but I enjoy chatting with people. I used to know german, and I'm currently trying to learn Japanese, but as a result I am bad at both. But feel free to say hello ingame or leave a message on my Talk page. I don't bite... unless provoked.

I wish you a good day,

Ruine Eternelle

I have a second account with the following characters : For The Empire, I Am A Rooster, Coach Elvis, Turn Exp Share Off, Ruine To The Rescue, Ruine Is Insane, Ruine Is Back, Ruine Saves The Day, Ruine Mindmaster, Obsidian Hushblade.

Ruby.png Userboxes[edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
Main Wiki.png This user prefers PvE.
Elementalist-tango-icon-200.png This user is an Elementalist by nature.
Necromancer-faded-large.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
Dragon's Stomp.jpg Dragon's Stomp is Ruine's favorite skill.
Melandru mural (Gandara).jpg This user is a devoted follower of Melandru's teachings.
Heart of the Norn.jpg This user will be a Norn in Guild Wars 2.

Diamond.png Account-wide titles[edit]

Feather.png More stuff about me[edit]


A moment of peace with guildies
Vaettir carpet
Tombe En Ruine Defender of Ascalon
Goddess Tombe En Ruine
Savior of the Luxons
Indomitable Survivor in pre-Searing
Gate glitch at Pogahn Passage
Gate glitch at Surmia

Other games[edit]

Action/Platformers : Hype the time quest, Rayman 2 & 3, Harry Potter 1 (PC, same composer as Guild Wars).

RPGs : all the Pokémon games starting from Ruby and including the great Colosseum. All the Zelda games

Open-world : Skyrim (same composer as Guild Wars), Oblivion (Jeremy Soule strikes again), Genshin Impact (but don't play this)

Game is an art : Journey, Celeste, Child of Light, Shadow of the Colossus, Oneshot, To the Moon, Gris, Outer Wilds.

Fighting : Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl, Ultimate (Corrin rocks)

Sapphire.png Words of Comfort[edit]


  • "Hai:3 [...] thanks again for the comment you left on my talk page and for making the red link turn blue! [...] I like your page and you seem nice, woop woop! [...] Thanks for the tips! :) " Jackie File:User JackieDiJackJack Heart.gif
  • "nice to see you on PvX too." DANDY ^_^
  • "nice page... glad to see people are still using Lensors old character page template. ;)"-- Salome User salome sig2.png
  • "Thanks for your coucou, maybe ours journeys will cross ingame ;). Oh, and your texmod map is wonderful. Cannot say thanks enough for this!" -- Nae Lussia Taani
  • "If you're able to make Texmod work like you do, then you're far better at coding than I'll ever be. Keep up the good work!" G R E E N E R
  • "Break out of the map eh. I'm listening ;)" Chicken 1.jpg Magamdy
  • "Thanks for your project by the way, your map had two regular tiny spots in EotN that I didn't have yet, even though I had a huge mapping and portal jumping project a few years ago." aRTy
  • "Well thank you (and the other contributors of course) for this great mod! I enjoyed uncovering every little piece of the map!" Azura (talk)
  • "Thanks for your outstanding work on that map mod, by the way!" — snogratUser Snograt signature.png
  • " I am glad someone is finally updating th[e ldoa] page."Shade the (talk)
  • "You [and Shade The] are probably the 2 most experienced pre players left on the wiki." Steve1 (talk)
  • "The work [Ruine has] done has been quite substantial and very beneficial."Shade the (talk)"
    "Since I started that paragraph: I concur with Shade's assessment."Steve1 (talk)
  • "Heya - [...] I put your name down as a potential addition [as admin]. It seems to me that you've added a lot of valuable contributions to the wiki since you first joined. [...] I'm hoping you would be willing to give it a shot?"horrible | contribs
    [...] I do not dare take game-related engagements or make game-related things more prevalent than they already are in my life. [...]
    Thank you again anyway, it's really nice from you. - - Ruine User Ruine Eternelle Ruine Eternelle.jpg Eternelle
    That's totally fair. It's definitely good to know what you're comfortable with, and I completely respect that. Thanks again for all the wonderful things you're adding to the wiki. horrible | contribs
  • "Thank you! I'm bad at the wiki so your adding the bug template is greatly appreciated :)"
  • "Rangers are very effective in endgame, [...] for extremely high damage output. [...] I used to burn rangers into the ground, but even I have to acknowledge how awesome they are once they pop a few cons. If you're not convinced yet, do give endgame rangers a decent try. You will not be disappointed!" - Infinite - talk
  • "I didn't know creating this page would cause so much reactions." - - Ruine User Ruine Eternelle Ruine Eternelle.jpg Eternelle
    "This is one of the oddities of life. Some actions create a tsunami, while others create not but a ripple; and no one can truly predict which will happen.[...] Don't let it bother you. Just do it, and work with others as the situation calls for it, like you've been doing." G R E E N E R



Feedback Update
  • The new monk elite skill is great but it's too weak. It could use a reduced recharge (7s for instance) and reward primary monks more, dealing 15...43...50 holy damage instead of the current 15...19...20.
  • The elementalist elite skill is also fairly weak. The effects are simply not good enough for the cost. 20...52...60% casting+recharge time wouldn't make it too strong [...]
  • Heroic Refrain is incredibly strong. +5/6 attribute rank to everyone is too much. But from a practical perspective the player will just cast it on all party members at the beginning of the map then maintain it with "They're on Fire!" and never use it again. So 15s recharge means waiting for 120s for 8-people teams, at least 5s would be only 40s.


  • Reduced the cooldown of Judgment Strike to 8.
  • Increased the damage bonus of Judgement Strike to 13..30.



  • Decreased the attribute bonus of Heroic Refrain to 1..3.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Heroic Refrain to 10.

Glob of Ectoplasm.png Stuff[edit]

Cool stuff[edit]

  • Pre-Searing (the area and the fact that it's cut off from the rest of the game)
  • Shing Jea
  • The jade sea
  • Echovald forest
  • Weaknesses and resistances for foes
  • The ability to skip missions
    • Running, in particular Drok run
  • The skills sandbox:
    • Elemental Flame
    • Smiter's Boon (the PvE one)
    • Zealot's Fire (may make me want to actually play heal)
    • Master of Magic
    • Contagion
    • Dark Aura
    • Soul Barbs
    • Arcane Echo
    • Dwarven Stability
    • Heroic Refrain
    • Soul Taker
    • Together as One
    • Seven Weapons Stance
  • Soundtracks:
    • Abaddon's Mouth
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Tasca's Demise
    • Sands of Kryta
    • Factions overture
  • ... and a million things more.
  • Weapons with unusual:
    • skin.
    • particle effects.
    • requirement
    • damage type
  • Things that reference gw2

Some things that make me angry[edit]

  • In the GW store, the Igneous Summoning Stone (for the Fire Imp) is at the same price as a bundle with the stone and bonus weapons.
  • Charmable animals move too often and their idle animation is never seen. Charmed moas notably move every 1.5s, and their two idle animations (pecking and extending neck) are always canceled midway (these animation can only be seen on wild moas or with a mysterious tonic).
  • Overcast should have accelerating removal when out of combat, similarly to health regeneration.
  • Nature Rituals die too fast in PvE (let them be at a higher level, which is to have more health or more armor).
  • A few weapon skins are "exotic" PvP-reward only, most notably the Greater Etched Sword.
    • If I understand well there is a glitch where you can use the mission pack weapons and change their skin with tolkano, but that would still require 600 silver zaishen coins to use Exotic skins... coins which should be about 2k/ea.
  • No tome merchant. Zaishen guys, sure, but they are ripping you off (silver zaishen coin is worth 2k+, so it's cheaper to buy from the skill trainer and even cheaper buying tomes from players).
  • The AI doesn't recognize Soul Taker as health sacrifice skills for the purpose of Dark Aura.
    • Dark Aura has health cost that is better assumed by a backline or midline character than the Soul Taker user, squishy necromancer with already health sacrifice from Soul Taker. In addition, Dark Aura at 16 DM requires a superior rune, which incurs a -75hp handicap, again better assumed by a supporting hero. Also if Dark Aura is on another character you free a skill slot, casting time, and attribute points to invest elsewhere, for instance a shield req or protection skills.
    • You may trick the AI by bringing other skills with health sacrifice, but this costs a skill slot, and the AI still prioritizes ritualists using Spirit Light and necromancers using Enfeebling Blood.
  • Ice Imps are not vulnerable to fire damage.

Some skills and skill updates I'd like to see[edit]


  • Master of Magic returning more energy on spells.
    • The skill currently returns only 1,2,4 energy on 5, 10 and 15-cost spells respectively, so dedicated skills for energy management are required. This causes skillbar compression issues.
  • Over The Limit increasing your level.
    • This would play well with the "over the limit" idea.
    • Level increase directly translates to damage bonus on spells in GW.
    • WoodenPotatoes made the suggestion that the skill should reduce overcast instead of building it, which sounds like an interesting idea too
    • The skill is pretty bad currently.
  • New skill "Auramancy" : Elementalist enchantments recharge 66% faster and you gain 1 energy for each ally affected by one of your elementalist enchantment spells
  • New skill "Evil Pandemic" (Blood Magic Elite) : Single-targeted non-elite Necromancer spells affect nearby foes as well.

Slightly serious[edit]

  • New skill "Fated Hunters" : You and your animal companion gain a buff (life stealing, for instance) as long as you are adjacent to each other.
  • New skill "Beast Soul" : You merge with your pet (your pet disappears, you move 25% faster, attack twice, and skills that usually affect your pet affect you instead).
  • New skill "Wizard's Pride" (credit to Falconeye) : Elemental and chaos damage you deal increased by 1 for each point of overcast you have. When this enchantment ends, you lose 10 overcast.
  • New skill "Penetrating Fire" : Your elemental spells have 20...44...50% armor penetration if you are on fire.
  • New skill "One with the spirits" : You are treated as a spirit (effects affecting spirits or relying on the presence of spirits will affect or count you as a spirit accordingly, and you gain immunity to healing, hexes and conditions other than burning).
  • New skill "Better on my own" : as long as there is no spirit in earshot, your attacks and ritualist spells deal 0...16...20 more damage.
  • New skill "Bone Armor" : Target ally is treated as undead, gaining +40 armor against piercing and cold damage. The armor of bones deals piercing damage on adjacent foes whenever that ally is hit by an attack. Exploits a fresh corpse. -20 armor against blunt damage and double damage from holy damage.
  • New skill "Call to Nothingness" (Channeling Magic Hex) : Target and adjacent foes have -20 armor against your lightning damage. Foes killed while under the effects of this hex leave no corpse.
  • New skill "Ripples of Magic" : Whenever you cast a ward or a well spell, that spell is replicated for each valid target in range.
  • New skill "Dead inside" : Wells you cast are centered on you and do not require a corpse.
  • New skill "Frenzy Fire" (Energy Storage Stance) : Spells you cast activate and recharge 50% faster. you take double damage.
  • New skill "Long range" (Tactics skill ?) : Foes in the area can be attacked with melee weapons.

Not serious[edit]

  • New skill "Throw Weapon" (Tactics skill ?) : Foes in earshot can be attacked with melee weapons and take 50% more damage from your attacks. Whenever you attack with a melee weapon, you must wait 2s until you can attack again.
  • New skill "Copycat" (Illusion Magic, Elite Spell) : Summons a temporary copy of target non-boss foe.
  • New skill "Grab" (Touch Skill) : You and touched foe cannot move. Off-hand and dual hand weapons are disabled
  • New skill "Magic Trick" (Illusion Magic) : You and target foe exchange weapons.
  • New skill "Misfire" : Throw a slow moving fireball that deals 50...130...150 fire damage on impact. If no enemy is hit, a random ally takes 50...130...150 fire damage.
  • New skill "Animate Limbs" : Animate a bone minion lvl 1...5...6 for each party member suffering from Deep Wound.
  • New skill "Sadism" (Blood Magic Skill) Conditions you suffer are applied to target ally instead, and that ally also pays all health sacrifice cost of your skills. As long as that ally is under the effects of Masochism, he is healed for 1...20...25 when affected by a new condition or paying a health sacrifice cost.
  • New skill " "This is ELONA!" "(Touch Shout) : Target foe shadow steps away from you and is knocked down. If there was a hole behind him, that foe takes 10...82...100 damage and the knockdown lasts an additional second.
  • New skill "Garlic Breath" (Echo) : Nearby foes and allies with a sense of smell take 10...18...20 damage every time you use a shout or chant. Vampires and Incubi take 100 damage instead.


Pretty unused icons. High Winds.jpgHoly Veil Beta Icon.jpgLightning Storm.jpgUnnatural Signet (alpha version).jpgREMOVE (Wind Prayers skill).jpgCall of Resilience.jpgIntimidating Aura (beta version).jpg

Playing with a friend

5 gimmicky teambuilds ideas

Arcane mimicry flesh golem copy.

Flesh golem with heroic refrain : level 32 (sometimes 34 with a mastery staff), and apparently HR on the minion make him deal more damage !

heroic refrain master of magic : 20 in all elemental attributes ? -> Yes !! but mechanic is a bit weird

mark of rodgort zealot's fire

Professions Tier List[edit]

User Ruine Eternelle Guild-wars-professions.png



Those that listen[edit]

Obsidian Shard.png Credits[edit]

To Lensor, for the page layout code.

A special thanks to all those taking the time to correct my mistakes, especially Steve1 and Greener.