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Profession Ranger-icon-small.png Greenifier
Level(s) 60
Campaign for Real Ale

2023 Grand Tour[edit]

A bit different this year. I started four new chars in pre-searing (two on each of my accoounts,) then decided I don't want to move them. I now have two rangers1, a warrior, an ele, a necro, a mesmer, and a monk, all basking in the friendly pre-searing community. Just to keep up with my almost-annual Grand Tour tradition, I made myself a paragon, Sploosh Kaboom, who is slowly meandering through Tyria Elona, mapping as she goes.

1Because two accounts - helps moving crap around in Pre.

6 June 2023 - Met the lich and some Shiro guy and got my arse handed to me. Went off to sulk in the Far Shiverpeaks, met some giants, some midgets, an old friend from Ascalon who's mysteriously aged about 12 years, and a Great Destroyer, which I destroyed. Have to choose whether to get another arse-kicking in Madness, or go to Cantha (ugh.)

(Sploosh's diary so far)

I know I've expressed my lack of enthusiasm for green weapons, but it's still nice to see them drop, so...

Sploosh's greens

Eshau's Spear, Morolah's Staff, Benwah's Recurve Bow, Robah's Axe, Bansheh's Longbow, Kepkhet's Refuge.

Erm, on the subject of greens, I decided to see how many I was holding on to, and, um, - my greens

Sploosh's mapping:
Tyrian 100%
Canthan 0.7%
Elonian 87.5%


Hi there, time traveller.

My name is Snograt, or Tony to those of you in the mundane world. I started playing this wonderful game shortly after release, having heard of MMORPGs but not wanting to pay a monthly fee for the privilege to play World of Warcraft. I played this game far too much and only stopped when GW2 was released, which I then played far too much and spent waaaay too much on micro transactions.

Guild Wars is great. Prophecies is far superior, naturally, but the other two and a half chapters are awesome in their own way. I tend to pick it up for a "grand tour" about once every two or three years, from Ascalon before the fall all the way to the defeat of the Great Destroyer, finishing off Shiro and Abaddon along the way.

I happily admit that I'm a very bad player. Before I found my first guild, I was stuck at Thunderhead Keep for three months. Nowadays, with heroes and mercs and the wonderful build library over at PvX, Guild Wars is easy (in normal mode) and makes for a pleasant meander through an absolute metric tonne of content.

Thank you, ArenaNet.


Here's what I didn't like.

Pop-ups. Not adverts, I'm talking about those little buggers that just burrow out from the ground and attack when you're just trying to get there. Devourers. Ugh.

Explody monsters. Why, Factions? It's not like it added anything.

Escort missions. Factions again, prime example being Vizunah Square. "Mhenlo and Togo must survive." Sure, but why does Master Togo treat Ray of Judgment as his own personal shower?

Required heroes. Nightfall, obviously. I just spent 300+ platinum outfitting my heroes, I don't want some scrub messing up my team.

"Green" weapons. When I was new to the game and the only source of greens was Sorrow's Furnace (I love Sorrow's Furnace!), I thought they were the best things since sliced bread. Once inscriptions were introduced, however, their flaws became apparent. Every attribute was maxed, sure - but the combinations left a lot to be desired. Is it too much to ask to have 40/40 sets for every discipline? Not to mention the very-hard-to-create 40/20/20 staves.

Junundu. Not a fan. Heroes don't understand the mechanics.

Thank you for reading, I assume you're lost.

Nick nacks[edit]

Nick items, alphabetized.

My proudest GWW addition[edit]

Dead Spoiler Dude. Long may he, er, live.