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Species Wikignome
Profession Ranger-icon-small.png Greenifier
Level(s) 54
Campaign for Real Ale

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  • rubbish Guild Wars player
  • fanatically obsessed Guild Wars player
  • sometime wikignome1
  • infobox idea nicked from FireFox
  • infobox fixed by Anja Astor

1Oh god - it turns out I may, in fact, be a Wikifairy

Guilt This user has spent 6806 hours in Guild Wars in 79 months (2.8 h/day).
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Talksnooping, User talksnooping, and GWW talksnooping

My motley crew[edit]

  • Kedric Trolltwatter - Warrior - completed Prophecies then got mothballed. Dusted him off recently to wander around Elona, cos I've forgotten how Wammos work. Now Protector of Tyria, completed Nightfall and Factions :)
  • Snograt Le Pew Pew - Ranger - My GWAMM - gotta love her :)
  • Old Man Trigger - Monk - Tyrian Monk. Got as far as Droknar's Forge, then realised I'm a terrible Monk. Recently revitalised and currently hero/henching his way around 3 continents.
  • Old Man Messy - Mesmer - Tyrian Mesmer. Got as far as Yak's Bend, then realised I really, really suck at Mesmering. Recently struggled to get him to LA, cheat-tripped to Cantha for max armor, now hero/henching around 3 continents.

...lest I forget

  • Snograt is Mental - Elementalist
  • Chick Wiv A Chopper - Dervish
  • I Am A Cupboard - Necromancer
  • Snograt The Farmer Warrior
  • Stor Mai Stuf Necromancer
  • Presearing Snograt Ranger - sat in pre-Ascalon at level 19 for about 5 years. I got a bit bored, now she's LDoA, completed Prophecies and about a third of the way through Cantha. Nostalgia FTW!
  • Snograt Is Mental Elementalist
  • Shadowy Snograt Assassin
  • Useless Was Snograt Ritualist
  • Kedric Boxtwatter Dervish
  • Genesis P Storage Paragon

A lot of these were intended to be used purely for storage - but I ended up using all of them and completing all campaigns with most of them.

Reminder to self[edit]

Subst: stuff. No, I don't know what it does, but it's necessary.