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My name is Aiko, better and more commonly known in-game and out as Infinite or Tremythar.

Prophecies NM with henchmen 2018:
  • Ascalon up to Nolani: Stefan, Reyna, Orion
    • If you need heals this early game, you may as well quit immediately. Seriously.
  • Ascalon, Nolani: Stefan, Reyna, Alesia
    • Orion gets overcast to the point of 0 energy and will stay there. Useless.
  • Northern Shiverpeaks all the way to the Crystal Desert: Little Thom, Stefan, Alesia, Claude, Dunham
    • Reyna has a lot of downtime due to reapplying a preparation and Troll Unguent.
  • Crystal Desert 6-man: Little Thom, Stefan, Lina, Claude, Dunham OR Stefan, Alesia, Lina, Claude, Dunham
    • Protection > Healing, because self-heals. If pressure somehow, swap for healer.
  • Crystal Desert 8-man: Little Thom, Stefan, Reyna, Alesia, Lina, Claude, Dunham
    • Again, a zero energy Elementalist does not do anything. Pick low-DPS Reyna.
  • Southern Shiverpeaks up to Thunderhead Keep: see Crystal Desert 8-man.
    • These henchmen are not infused, so just don't take them into Mursaat battles.
  • Southern Shiverpeaks Thunderhead Keep: Little Thom, Aidan, Lina, Mhenlo, Eve, Dunham, Cynn
    • Devona has a hammer and it sucks. Slow and pales in comparison with the rest.
  • Ring of Fire Island Chain up to Hell's Precipice: See Southern Shiverpeaks Thunderhead Keep.
    • Things aren't immune to burning here, so there are literally no changes yet.
  • Ring of Fire Island Chain Hell's Precipice: Devona, Little Thom, Aidan, Lina, Mhenlo, Eve, Dunham
    • Fire doesn't work well against most Titans, which is the majority here.


  • Tomb of the Primeval Kings: 2 Zaishen Fighters, 2 Zaishen Archers, 2 Zaishen Healers, 1 Zaishen Mage
    • Not a lot of choices here, but mages are the worst because they hit 0 energy.

Sometimes I get asked how on earth you're supposed to do certain missions with just henchmen and one player. The Dragon's Lair's bonus is a real pain for this. Basically you need a lot of interrupts, for which you should take Stefan (Skull Crack and Savage Slash) and Dunham (Power Block and Leech Signet). They alone will not suffice in keeping Glint from acting. Bringing various Mesmer skills, or Nature's Renewal will be effective against her monster skills. Assuming successful interrupts, only Jagged Crystal Skin can be threatening. For this reason it is wise to only take a single melee henchman (Stefan, as per above). With bad luck, though, Reyna may land a Dual Shot at the same time this skill is up and her preparation down. Stance removal helps a lot, but it is quite rare when playing the game chronologically. Some luck is involved. Also, fortunately this entire mission can be managed by the henchmen, save possibly the Mesmer Facet's path. Chaos Storm is a pain, Diversion is a pain, Fast Casting on enemies is a pain.