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Thunderhead Keep Archive[edit]



  • * = Required for Boss timer trigger.
  • * + ! = Required for Cutscene trigger.
  • Boss = Boss
  • N = Stone Summit Necros, each group has 1 dreamy aggro Necro per group. Has minions and heals off of them.
  • M = Stone Summit Mesmers, each group has 1 dreamy aggro Mesmer per group.
  • H = Stone Summit Monk, has Orison and Mark of Protection.
  • B = Bonus objective.

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  • When triggering the boss timer:
    • "Deldrimor declares war!"
    • "Beware Stone Summit! Jalis Ironhammer stands in Thunderhead Keep once more!"
    • "My countrymen are trapped outside. Lighting the beacons will save them."
    • "Our battle will become more perilous fpr ot. but if we do not, those brave dwarves will see the Great Forge before their time."
  • When triggering the cutscene:
    • "HELP! We're trapped outside the fort!"
    • "I beg you, draw them away or we will surely die!"
    • "The Mursaat are closing in on us!"
    • "The end is here! Great Dwarf save us!"
      • This only happens if you fail the bonus.
    • These can be done multiple times, and in random order, very weird.
  • After killing the first boss group: (takes around 3:20 for them to enter the keep)
    • "The Mantle followed you! Stand fast friends! This will be our finest hour!"
  • After killing the second boss group: (takes around 4:40 for them to enter the keep)
    • "Be on your guard. The left hand of Grenth himself comes for us."
      • Takes around 11:50 for Dorian's group to enter the fort after this message.

Needs confirming (Confirmed)[edit]

  • The bonus timer actually starts with the boss timer, not with the cut scene.

More Timers[edit]

  • Boss timer start to first boss spawn: 2:15
  • First boss group dead to second boss spawn: 3:00
  • Dorian spawns from second boss dying: 9:40