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Last Halloween, the Lunatic Court followed through on an ill-conceived plot to free Mad King Thorn from his realm. Seals were broken, bizarre acts were performed, terrible jokes were deciphered, and it seemed at the time that all the fuss had been for nothing.

But since then, instability has begun to seep into the world, gathering in the places where the influence of the Mists is felt most strongly. The instability has resulted in fluctuations – changes that alter the experience of playing in our competitive venues. Fluctuations seem to come and go, bringing new effects with them every month.

The introduction of Flux is a compelling tool to help us keep our competitive formats dynamic, while allowing us to further balance the game. Because slight shifts in the meta are expected from Flux to Flux, it allows us to better target overly problematic builds. If powerful builds can thrive in environments that are not suited to them, we can review the skills to bring them more into line. We want to encourage gameplay where the team that wins does so because they've played more skillfully.

The Flux system is the precursor to several improvements that will be coming in a PvP-specific update. We'll be taking a look at improving some titles, the incentives to play, the rewards for various formats, and more. Look forward to it!

Developer updates

Flux icon

Flux is an environment effect present in Player versus Player areas that changes on the first of every month[1] at 07:00 UTC (midnight PDT). Flux affects player characters[2] and NPCs that are party members: henchmen, heroes in the Isle of the Nameless (PvP) and Training Arena, and the "Zaishen" party members and "Enemy" foes (excluding the Priests) in Training Arena.

Current cycle[edit]

The current cycle began in September 2013.[3] This month's flux is highlighted in bold.

Month Flux
01 January Odran's Razor
02 February Amateur Hour
03 March Hidden Talent
04 April There Can Be Only One
05 May Meek Shall Inherit
06 June Jack of All Trades
07 July Chain Combo
08 August Xinrae's Revenge
09 September Like a Boss (and The Boss)
10 October Minion Apocalypse
11 November All In
12 December Parting Gift (and Gift of Battle)


Previous cycles[edit]

May 2011 – June 2012[edit]

Month Flux
2011-05 May 2011 Lone Wolf
2011-06 June 2011 Unyielding Spirit
2011-07 July 2011 There Can Be Only One
2011-08 August 2011 Quickening Terrain
2011-09 September 2011 Massive Damage
2011-10 October 2011 Minion Apocalypse
2011-11 November 2011 Hidden Talent
2011-12 December 2011 Courier's Haste
2012-01 January 2012 Xinrae's Revenge
2012-02 February 2012 Keep Yourself Alive
2012-03 March 2012 Meek Shall Inherit
2012-04 April 2012 Hive Mind
2012-05 May 2012 Inverse Ninja Law
2012-06 June 2012 Bounty Hunter

July 2012 – August 2013[edit]

Month Flux
2012-07 July 2012 Chain Combo
2012-08 August 2012 Jack of All Trades
2012-09 September 2012 Like a Boss (and The Boss)
2012-10 October 2012 Minion Apocalypse
2012-11 November 2012 All In
2012-12 December 2012 Parting Gift (and Gift of Battle)
2013-01 January 2013 Odran's Razor
2013-02 February 2013 Amateur Hour
2013-03 March 2013 Hidden Talent
2013-04 April 2013 There Can Be Only One
2013-05 May 2013 Meek Shall Inherit
2013-06 June 2013 Xinrae's Revenge
2013-07 July 2013 Chain Combo
2013-08 August 2013 Jack of All Trades


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