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Dragon Festival

On June 27th, at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT), Cantha prepares for the Dragon Festival with decorations and festive drops, and Shing Jea Boardwalk opens just one day later! Three days of historical reenactments start [sic] June 29th at 4 AM Pacific, leading up to the Emperor's special visit every two hours starting at 2 AM Pacific on July 1st. For more information, visit http://www.guildwars.com/.

Login screen announcements

Come Celebrate with the Empire of the Dragon!

The Dragon Festival is almost upon us and Cantha is ready to roll out the red carpet. Starting June 27th, at noon Pacific (-7 GMT), Kaineng Center and Shing Jea Monastery will be decorated for the festivities. In addition, holiday items will start dropping across the land. With every day that follows, the party heats up: On the 28th, Shing Jea Boardwalk opens. Three days of historical reenactments kick off June 29th, leading up to the Emperor’s special visit every two hours on July 1st. For the full calendar of events, visit the event page.

In keeping with changes to Guild Wars events, the Dragon Festival is now a full week long. Even though the historical reenactments end after Emperor Kisu’s final visit on July 1st, the decorations, drops, and games will carry right through till noon on July 4th. Plenty of time to stock up on bottle rockets, gorge on red bean cakes, and collect enough victory tokens for your pick of festival hats. The celebration is about to start; all it needs now is you!

GuildWars.com news

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Mission and final event schedule[edit]

All times are listed in both Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7) and UTC. UTC times in italics are on the next day. Missions are available from Captain Rujiyo for 30 minutes.

Thursday, June 27
Decorations are applied to Kaineng Center and Shing Jea Monastery. Victory Tokens begin to drop from PvE foes. 12:00 PM 19:00
Friday, June 28
Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Races open. Imperial Guard Hanso appears and begins offering festival quests. 12:00 PM 19:00
Saturday, June 29
Mission one (Haiju Lagoon) – rewards 50 tokens 4:00 AM 11:00 12:00 PM 19:00 8:00 PM 3:00
Mission two (Jaya Bluffs) – rewards 50 tokens 8:00 AM 15:00 4:00 PM 23:00 12:00 AM 7:00
Sunday, June 30
Mission three (Tsumei Village) – rewards 75 tokens 2:00 AM 9:00 8:00 AM 15:00 2:00 PM 21:00 8:00 PM 3:00
Mission four (Seitung Harbor) – rewards 75 tokens 4:00 AM 11:00 10:00 AM 17:00 4:00 PM 23:00 10:00 PM 5:00
Monday, July 1
Mission five (Tsumei Village) – rewards 100 tokens 1:00 AM 8:00 7:00 AM 14:00 1:00 PM 20:00 7:00 PM 2:00
Mission six (Seitung Harbor) – rewards 100 tokens 3:00 AM 10:00 9:00 AM 16:00 3:00 PM 22:00 9:00 PM 4:00
Mission seven (Shing Jea Monastery) – rewards 100 tokens 5:00 AM 12:00 11:00 AM 18:00 5:00 PM 0:00 11:00 PM 6:00
Final event Every two hours beginning at 2:00 AM / 9:00 (UTC);
Last final event begins at 11:59 PM / 6:59 (UTC)
Thursday, July 4
Dragon Festival ends. 12:00 PM 19:00
Thursday, July 4 - Thursday, July 11
Imperial Supply Master Kagno and Noblewoman Sun Li remain in Shing Jea Monastery.

Final event[edit]

See also Dragon Festival#Finale
Starts on July 1, 2013.
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July 2
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July 2
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July 2
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July 2
July 2

Emperor Kisu will appear in Shing Jea Monastery every two hours. He will award all characters with a Festival Prize as soon as he arrives. Then Celestial Charges will start to drop which players are required to deliver to the Imperial Sorcerers before being caught by a Grasp of Insanity. One point is rewarded to the Canthans for each charge delivered while the Grasps receive a point for each charge destroyed. A win for the Canthans result in a celebration complete with fireworks and Festival Prizes (between 12 and 26 Festival Prizes were awarded in 2011). A win for the Grasps result in them going crazy and killing everyone they touch. A player will receive one Festival Prize for each Celestial Charge they delivered. This is an excellent time to eat sweets and move faster with Sugar Rush or Sugar Jolt. Festival Prizes will continue to be added to your inventory for several minutes after each finale ends, at the rate of about 1-3 each minute.



Festival rewards[edit]

Icon Official comment Notes
Bottle Rocket.png Bottle Rocket: Set off a single-shot firework high overhead—please aim away from any and all faces. Creates a vertical smoke trail speeding up and away from the character, and then a small "pop" with a visible burst over the characters head. Adds 1 point towards the Party Animal title track.
Bottle of Rice Wine.png Bottle of Rice Wine: Official drink of the Dragon Festival! Avoid drinking before combat. Alcohol. Adds one point towards the Drunkard title track.
Champagne Popper.png Champagne Popper: A spectacular but short-lived sensation for the eyes and ears. Creates a "pop" along with dozens of small square pieces of orange/red confetti, that slowly drift earthward. Adds 1 point towards the Party Animal title track.
Crème Brûlée.png Crème Brûlée: It’s delicious and it delivers a sugar rush—it may be the perfect food. Affects the user with Sugar Rush (10 minutes, 25% speed boost). Adds three points towards the Sweet Tooth title track (can only be used in outposts).
Flask of Firewater.png Flask of Firewater: Do you have a fire burning inside you? You will after you drink this potent concoction! Consuming this item makes you drunk and will turn your screen red. Alcohol; adds three points towards the Drunkard title track.
Red Bean Cake.png Red Bean Cake: Put some pep in your step and some zing in your sword swing with these festive cakes. Affects the user with Sugar Rush (5 min 25% speed boost). Adds two points towards the Sweet Tooth title track.
Sparkler.png Sparkler: Create a cloud of sparkly sparks above your head. It’s sparkly! Lasts 17 seconds. Adds one point towards the Party Animal title track.
Sugary Blue Drink.png Sugary Blue Drink: Need a rush? Down this sweet drink for a boost of speed. Affects the user with a Sugar Jolt (for 2 minutes you move 50% faster). Adds one point towards the Sweet Tooth title track.
Victory Token.png Victory Token: Earn these special tokens by participating in festivities, then exchange them for a variety of rewards. Exchange with Sheng Yi and Seiji (collector) (near the Xunlai in Shing Jea Monastery) or from Zaishen Supply Masters (Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar).


The Day of the Tengu mask or any one of the past Dragon Festival masks can be obtained from Imperial Supply Master Kagno for one Imperial Mask Token.


The following Dragon Festival NPCs appear with Shing Jea Boardwalk event NPCs. Imperial Supply Master Kagno and Noblewoman Sun Li begin spawning on the first day of the Dragon Festival when decorations are applied. Excluding Captain Rujiyo and Acolyte Norge who begin spawning on the third day (when the first of the Dragon Festival missions is offered) and fourth day respectively, the rest of the Dragon Festival and Shing Jea Boardwalk event NPCs begin spawning on the second day.

Shing Jea Monastery

Only during finales:

Kaineng Center


  • The impact of Xinrae's Revenge (the June 2013 Flux) on Dragon Arena and Rollerbeetle Racing was unplanned.[1][2]
  • Differences from 2012: Dragon Festival was extended from a weekend to a week long event; the finales no longer begin on a Sunday PDT.

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