Darkness at Kaitan

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Darkness at Kaitan
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Dragon Festival
Given by Imperial Guard Hanso
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by A Strange Request
Type Festival quest
Darkness at Kaitan map.jpg
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Save Kaitan Village from the invading Naga, then travel onwards and eliminate the demonic presence that has taken over Raiyan Cave.

Quest information[edit]




For the first stage of this quest, head south out of Tsumei Village and meet Musashi just outside where the Naga are already attacking the village. The Naga are not very hard to defeat, since they are mainly level 2 or 3 with some level 6 spellcasters. If you find yourself "missing" a group, try checking on the beach to the south of Tsumei Village.

When the Naga have been defeated, speak to Farmer Lune for an update on where they came from, then head to Raiyan Cave for the final assault on the demons.

You will find dozens of Lesser Grasps infesting Raiyan Cave, since they are not very close to each other, it is quite easy to kill them off one by one.








Imperial Guard Hanso

"One more scene until intermission, and then I'm off to check out some of the festival games. So, let's get a move on.
Thank the gods you are here, <character name>! Things have gone from bad to worse. We've received word that a mass exodus of Naga has descended upon Kaitan Village. It goes without saying that these Naga have fled Raiyan Cave in such numbers for a reason other than to raid. Musashi awaits you in Panjiang Peninsula just outside of Kaitan Village. Protect the villagers from the attacking Naga, and then proceed to the Raiyan Cave and investigate."
Yes Accept: "On behalf of all my fans, I accept this award... *cough* just practicing."
No Decline: "I can't work under these conditions."
Ask Ask: "Meet Imperial Guard Musashi in Panjiang Peninsula. The Naga must be stopped!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Musashi

"Help! This was supposed to be a reenactment, but the Naga really have poured down from the hills! We must clear them out if the village is to be saved. Hurry!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "An old friend of mine, a farmer named Lune, lives here in Kaitan. We should talk to him and find out what happened."

Farmer Lune

"The Naga slithered down the hillside from that accursed cave of theirs and flooded the village. They attacked unprovoked, like cornered animals. I've never seen anything like it. Well, except for last year, when they did the same thing."
Imperial Guard Mushashi: "We must go to Raiyan Cave as soon as we can."
Imperial Guard Mushashi: "Here it is, Raiyan Cave. Keep your guard up."
Imperial Guard Mushashi: "It looks like we've got the situation under control. The portal collapsed, slamming the door in the face of that vile abomination. Report back to Hanso at the monastery. Let him know what we've witnessed."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Hanso

"You saw a portal, some sort of rift? That must be how these evil spawn are reaching Cantha. It's no coincidence that more and more of these incidents are occurring. Speak to Captain Rujiyo when you are ready. He will likely have more information for you. (Curtain! Well, I'm off to spend my festival tickets.)"


  • Imperial Guard Musashi does not need to survive after defeating the Naga to complete this quest.
  • Talking to Musashi is not required to complete the quest.
  • It appears that every time your party wipes and is resurrected, the amount of Lesser Grasp actors in the cave multiplies.