Imperial Guard Musashi

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Imperial Guard Musashi
Canthan guard f.jpg
Affiliation Imperial Guard
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Factions

Imperial Guard Musashi guides the party through the Dragon Festival quest chain.




"For the glory of Cantha!"


Battle quotes[edit]

"Accept your fate, heathen!"
"Ah, that got the blood going."
"Don't get up...unless you like getting knocked down again!"
"For the Emperor!"
"Look into my eyes. They are the last you will ever see."
"Stand before me at your peril!"
"The emperor himself taught me this move."
"You will pay for that!"


  • When it is time for Captain Rujiyo to offer access to a Dragon Festival mission, Musashi will enter Shing Jea Monastery from the Sunqua Vale portal and walk to Captain Rujiyo where they will have dialogue regarding the mission (e.g. see Haiju Lagoon mission dialogue). Musashi will then walk back the way she came and leave via the Sunqua Vale portal.