The Rampaging Yetis

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The Rampaging Yetis
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Dragon Festival
Given by Imperial Guard Hanso
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Followed by The Shrine of Maat
Type Festival quest
The Rampaging Yetis map.jpg
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Travel to Kinya Province and help fight off the rampaging yetis in the village there. Afterwards, investigate the yeti cave to find out why they are causing so much trouble.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find Imperial Guard Musashi in Kinya Province.
  • Stop the rampaging Yetis before they can further harm the village. [5...0] of 5 rampaging Yetis remaining.
  • Travel to the Yeti cave in Tomaat Pass and uncover what agitated them.
  • "Destroy" the creature inside the Yeti cave.
  • See Imperial Guard Hanso for your reward.



Start from Ran Musu Gardens, which is the closest point to the first objective, then head south through Kinya Province to find Musashi.

After speaking to Musashi, follow the quest pointer to the nearby village to the west. Defeat the 5 Yetis then head north to the Yeti cave where you will find a Lesser Grasp to defeat.






Yetis (Ogres)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Hanso

Places, everyone, places. *Ahem* It's good you're here, <character name>. We've received reports of Yeti aggression in Kinya Province. Something has driven them berserk and they've left their caves to attack a nearby settlement. I have assigned Imperial Guard Musashi to investigate the matter. Travel to Kinya Province and help her get to the bottom of this.

Yes Accept: "I guess you could say it's the "Return of the Yeti.""
No Decline: "Historical reenactments are for chumps."
Ask Ask: "Did you forget your part already? Meet Imperial Guard Musashi in Kinya Province and deal with the Yeti rampage."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Musashi

Hanso sent you? You're just in time. There's no way I could handle these wooly buggers on my own; they've gone loony and attacked the locals in a rage! We must move quickly and put an end to this before more are lost.

Imperial Guard Musashi: "Phew, that's all of them. Now, onward most brave and glorious the cave in Tomaat Pass. Something is causing these beasts to rampage, and it's time we got to the bottom of this mysterious mystery."
Imperial Guard Musashi: "That hideous creature has taken control of the cave and stirred up the Yeti like a hornet nest. No wonder those shaggy oafs are on a rampage. We must destroy it!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "That abomination was definitely not of this region. With it gone, the Yeti cave is safe for those knuckle-dragging primates to move back in. Perhaps they'll stay away from the village with order restored. But...for how long? (You like that last line? That's mine.)"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "We must report our discovery to Hanso immediately. He must know about our findings. (Okay, who's hungry? I'm so famished *I* could eat a Yeti....)"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Hanso

A creature invaded the cave and drove the Yetis mad? Strange. Let's hope this is an isolated situation. (Who writes this stuff?)


Bug Bug.As with any festival quest, all characters are able to take this quest after the festival is over, as long as Imperial Guard Hanso remains available. However, as soon as you zone, the quest will disappear from your log.