Spirit of the Celebration

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Spirit of the Celebration
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Dragon Festival
Given by Noblewoman Sun Li
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Festival quest

This quest can only be completed once per account each year.

Quest information[edit]




Acquire a stack of Victory Tokens and give them to Noblewoman Sun Li. The easiest (and cheapest) method is to complete the festival's quest chain (for 240 tokens); you can acquire the remaining 10 via event drops or by starting the chain with another character.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Noblewoman Sun Li
"I get such a swell of pride every year around the Dragon Festival. Our nation has endured so much. That we have the opportunity to reenact our triumphs is quite delightful, don't you agree? Hmm... I can see by your eyes that you aren't yet swept up in the spirit of the celebration.
Tell you what. Go chat with Imperial Guard Hanso and Captain Rujiyo and see if participating a few events doesn't light a fire inside. On top of that, if you bring me 250 Victory Tokens, I'll give you a token for a fantastic festival mask. How does that sound?"
Yes Accept: "I'm feeling more patriotic already."
No Decline: "Sorry, I'm just here to watch the fireworks."
Ask Ask: "While you look like you're having a good time, you really should try out more of the reenactments. Celebrating the triumphs of Cantha gets to the heart of what the Dragon Festival is about. Seriously, go talk to Imperial Guard Hanso and Captain Rujiyo. Remember, I've got that mask token waiting for you when you return with 250 Victory Tokens. Go have some fun!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Noblewoman Sun Li
"Wasn't that exhilarating? As promised, here's a token of appreciation for helping make this festival memorable. Just like our empire, this celebration would be nothing without the participation of the citizens.
Oh, I can see you're eager to get your festival mask. Fine then; off to Imperial Supply Master Kagno with you."


  • When you complete this quest on one character, it will automatically be abandoned from any other character of the same account.