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The Second Birthday Celebration was a special event held to commemorate the second year anniversary of the release of Guild Wars.

The Scribe's Tale[edit]

The World Celebrates its Birth

The season of the Zephyr has always been associated with renewed life and birth. But recently, members of the Order of the Sky, working at the Astralarium in Northern Istan, claim to have pinpointed the exact date of the birth of our world. According to Emissary Dajmir, a visiting scholar from the Kournan province, the world's birthday will occur during this coming weekend.

The release of this information has prompted an impromptu celebration with a particularly sweet reward, although this intrepid inscriber of international information cannot help thinking that the merchants in Cantha may have latched onto this spurious astrological information for their own monetary gain. In any event, an exciting celebration has been planned, which should entice tourists to descend upon Shing Jea Monastery this weekend. Once there, celebrants will not be disappointed, as the ever-popular Shing Jea Boardwalk will reopen, along with Rollerbeetle Racing and the Dragon Arena.

In addition to boosting the local economy, the Boardwalk games will once again reward Festival Tickets that participants can trade for prizes. Twenty-five tickets will net you a prize, which could contain bottles of rice wine, red bean cakes, 5 Victory Tokens, or 1,000 gold. You can also win Victory Tokens in the Dragon Arena, Dragon Nest, or at the Rollerbeetle Races.

Those lucky enough to win a few Victory Tokens can trade five of them for Sugary Blue Drinks, Champagne Poppers, Bottle Rockets, or Sparklers. And, if you feel like spending tokens like there's no tomorrow, ten Victory Tokens are enough to acquire Crème Brulee, [sic] Flasks of Firewater, or one of three types of magical scrolls. If you prefer something really special, you can spend your tokens on a birthday cupcake. Now, let me assure you, these aren't your ordinary cupcakes. These celebratory cupcakes have been baked by Imperial Chef Tian, the creator of Canthan Truffle Delight, the dessert created for the Celestial Pig during the Canthan New Year festival. Tian promises a special surprise for any who ingest one of these royal confections. So good are these treats that they keep disappearing in mysterious numbers, and there have been scattered reports that various creatures have been spotted with frosting on fin, fur, and scale. This leads one to ponder whether the monsters have absconded with their own supply of the treats.

So, whether this weekend is the true birth date of the world or not, it should be a merry time for all who participate...and even merrier for the good merchants near my home, Shing Jea Monastery.

- The Scribe


  • Beginning: 12:01 AM PST on 27 Apr 2007
    • Second series of miniatures are released. Characters who reach 24 months in age will receive a second year Birthday Present in their inventory.
  • Pyrotechnic displays: 12:01 AM PST on April 28th (repeating every three hours)
  • Event ends: 11:59 PM PST on April 30

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