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The Monastery is alight as the citizens party!

Cantha celebrated the Dragon Festival again through a multitude of fun activities in Shing Jea Monastery. The Dragon Arena and Rollerbeetle Racing were reopened; the Shing Jea Boardwalk offered all sorts of games of chance; and the monastery itself hosted a reenactment of last year's event, as well. Fun, prizes, and a special gift were the rewards! The celebrations took place from Noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on Friday, July 6th, until 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday, July 8th.


Thursday, July 5th, ~7:30 PM PDT Towns are redecorated.
Friday, July 6th, midnight PDT Start of the event.
Friday, July 6th, noon PDT Actual start of the event.
Sunday, July 8th, 11:59 PM PDT End of the event, the Dragon Nest minigame is still available.
Monday, July 9th to Sunday, July 15th Imperial Supply Master Kagno hands out Demon Masks in Shing Jea Monastery in exchange for 250 Victory Tokens (scheduled).


In total there were seven special missions re-enactments that occurred during the event, each one had a schedule beginning and happened 3 or 4 times. These missions were the same as the Dragon Festival 2006 missions. Captain Rujiyo called heroes to arms for the missions on a daily basis at the scheduled times. The missions were active for 30 minutes after the call first went out.





The players receive the Demon Mask from Emperor Kisu.

On Sunday during the event, the emperor visited Shing Jea Monastery every two hours, the first occurring at 2:00 AM PDT/9:00 AM UTC and the last at 12:00 AM PDT/7:00 AM UTC Monday.

After some dialogue and the distribution of Demon Masks, there was a mini-game: a group of Grasps of Insanity attacked the monastery with The Fury leading them. Everybody in the monastery had to collect Celestial Charges and bring them to a nearby Imperial Sorcerer. These sorcerers stood around in various places around the monastery, and when a player picked up an orb, yellow flares on their map would indicate their location. For every charge delivered, Cantha scored a point.

Grasps hunted out those who were holding Celestial Charges. If one of them touched a player while they were holding a celestial charge, they would instantly die, and be resurrected shortly afterwards. Strategy to avoid the grasps included using Sugar Rush and dropping the charge when grasps came near. A grasp that touched a charge laying at its spawn point would destroy it, gaining a point, but a charge that had been picked up and dropped was safe. For every person caught by a grasp and for every charge destroyed at the spawn point, the grasps scored a point.

Festival Prize.png

Whichever side had more points after 15 minutes won in that district. In winning districts, fireworks would go off, and Festival Prizes would spawn randomly for roughly 15 minutes. If the Canthans lost the mini-game, then the grasps would run around the outpost killing every player they could get their hands on.

After this period of present spawning, the emperor took his leave. Each of the Emperor's visit lasted about 40-45 minutes, leaving approximately an hour and 15 minutes between visits.

Prize drop changes[edit]

During the Dragon Festival 2007 prize drops at the end of the Finale were random and allowed a player to grab as many as they could without limit. Careful use of a run skill and targeting commands could allow players to grab upwards of a reported 30 to 50 presents in a single finale while others got 2 to 3. During the Dragon Festival 2007 Redux the system was changed to drop presents consistent with how they are handed out during the Wintersday 2006 event. Prizes were dropped at random and the closest person to the drop get assigned the gift. No other player could pick up that gift after it was assigned. The intent was to balance out the drops so everyone got 10-15 presents per finale.



  • If the district loses the finale minigame, the "Grasps of Insanity" will run around "killing" everyone until the emperor leaves. Every 30 seconds, everyone who has been killed by the grasps will be resurrected in a circle around the fountain to the south. This does not affect death count.
Bug Bug.Wrathful Storms in the Domain of Fear use the re-enactment Scythe of Chaos / Wrathful Storm model rather than the authentic Scythe of Chaos / Wrathful Storm model.
Bug Bug.If a district loses the finale minigame, the Grasps of Insanity will not leave the district at the end of the finale, allowing grasps from multiple finales to accumulate in that district.

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