Seitung Harbor (mission)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and an explorable area during Winds of Change. For second mission, see Seitung Harbor (mission 2).
Seitung Harbor
Seitung Harbor (mission) map.jpg
Event Dragon Festival
Region Shing Jea Island
Type Cooperative
Party size 4

A special mission that is only available during the Dragon Festival.

Mission information[edit]


  • Wipe out the "enemy forces" occupying Seitung Harbor. [0...40] of 40 enemies killed.



Enter via Captain Rujiyo in Shing Jea Monastery

You will start on the path just above the town, run up the hill just a bit or the Banished Dream Riders will patrol into you. Keep your healer behind the rest of the party out of range of the Dream Riders and Wrathful Storms. The healer should always try to be behind a wall or some other obstruction. The groups outside of the gate are easily pulled to your team. There are two Torment Claws at the gate, kill them from a range to not aggro the mobs inside. Once they are dead pull the mobs just inside out. Pull the mobs where Masaharu (the skill trainer) usually stands to your team who should stand just inside the gate. On the far side of that platform a Chaos Wurm will popup. Kill him, and then pull the mobs at the far gate to where he popped up.

There is a patrol along the lower terrace with the docks, kill them from the hill above near where Mei Ling stands in the outpost. Run down the dock and kill the Torment Claw and Chaos Wurm. The last group patrols around the smoking gold pot shrine at the end of that pier, they can be charged.

Be careful of the Wrathful Storm's Meteor Shower, this can wipe out spirits, minions, and players that don't move out of them fast enough. A mesmer or ranger interrupter is sufficient to shut them down. A spirit spammer is recommended to body block mobs in strategic narrow places, such as at the gate and on the bridge. Be sure to bring Summon Spirits to move them in case they are caught in a Meteor Shower.







Introductory dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo: "Places, everyone, places. *Ahem* Canthans, our troops report enemy forces arriving en masse. Check in with me to receive battle orders!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Captain, we're in a tough spot! We've lost Seitung Harbor to the enemy."
Imperial Guard Musashi: "The enemy overwhelmed our defenses. We've been pushed back to the monastery."
Captain Rujiyo: "If they've taken the harbor they are only a stone's throw away from the monastery. We can't let them get any closer!"
Captain Rujiyo: "Musashi, rally the troops! Prepare to lead an assault [sic] take back the harbor immediately."
Captain Rujiyo: "I'll organize a militia and send volunteers. Musashi, if we lose this battle...."
Imperial Guard Musashi: "We will not fail, Captain."
Captain Rujiyo: "Good luck Musashi. May the gods smile upon us this day."

Entry dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo
"I'm afraid I have bad news, [Character Name]. Seitung Harbor has fallen and our forces were pushed back to the monastery. We need every last body to launch a retaliatory strike. Will you join us in our efforts to take back Seitung Harbor?"
Accept: "Yes, I am ready to help the emperor."
Decline: "Not right now, I'm busy."


  • This mission is only available for a 30 minute period on the schedule set for the Dragon Festival.
  • This quest can be completed in an average time of seven minutes.
  • The actors share the same racial traits as the creatures they imitate and thus only corpses from Demon and Wurm actors are exploitable.
  • If you clear the area and still need one or two more kills to complete the mission try searching for the Chaos Wurms which only pop up when you come near their location.


  • 75 Jade Wind Orbs was the reward in 2006
  • In addition to the monsters listed above, Terrorweb Dryders also appeared during Dragon Festival 2006.
  • In subsequent years, all quests and missions were re-enactments of the first year's events. As such, the original monsters were replaced with actors.