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Halloween comes to the world of Guild Wars every year, on October 31st. Certain towns were decorated with deadly decorations and ghastly scenery.

Statue in Kamadan redecorated for the event
A huge pot in the center of Lion's Arch for the event


This is from the game update that made changes for the event:

Beginning of the Halloween Event[edit]

When the moon shines down on the Elon
Like the eye of a ravenous drake
Keep a lantern close by and the darkness at bay
For on this holiday night, they say
A spirit returns, pumpkin on head
Wicked deeds (and bad jokes) will abound
He’ll bluster and shout
Spread chaos about
’till a banishment for his mischief be found
Heed my tale, ye brave heroes
From lands north and south
Listen wherefore I say:
Bind your sanity close, lest you lose what you love most
When the monarch of madness appears.

End of Halloween Event[edit]

Now sadly, the madness is ended
Laughs abounded and no tears were shed
King Thorn has returned to the Underworld
Pumpkin still very much on his head.
No more scares for Elona and Tyria
No more transformations or spooky décor
Peace comes at last, though we can’t help but ask:
Will the Mad King return once more?!

From the Guildwars.com Halloween 2006 event page[edit]

When sunlight wanes to shadow
And mists fill nights once clear
'Tis time to think of monarchs
Who visit once a year.
Hail, Thorn, the king demented,
Whose laughter fills the air
Where cunning gifts are given
With wit and deadly flair!
And as the season passes
Remember what you've seen
In Lion's Arch and Kamadan
On this good Halloween.

Decorated Towns[edit]

Event Summary[edit]

October 23rd[edit]

  • Event begins: Towns are decorated, and collectors appear in towns of Tyria and Elona.

October 31st[edit]

  • Mad King Thorn's Arrival: Beginning at Noon (PST for American players, GMT for European) and every three hours afterwards, the Mad King appears in Lion's Arch and Kamadan for the finale of Halloween. After appearing in town, the Mad King delivers a introductory monologue which was then followed by several interactive games - Rock, Paper, Scissors and Simon Says- which if won or played correctly rewarded players with a randon Halloween item. Failure to play, or loosing at Rock, Paper, Scissors resulted in the temporary death of players who were eventually revived by the Mad King to continue playing. The Mad King then proceeds to tell jokes to the players who are expected to laugh at them. At the end of the Mad King's appearance players are given an event hat.

November 2nd[edit]

  • Event ends: Towns have their decorations removed, collectors leave towns.


  • Squash Serum: Swallowing this potion might give you a big head. A big, orange one, that is...
  • Witch's Brew: One sip of this potent brew will set your world spinning 'round and 'round.
  • Ghost-in-the-Box: Feeling brave? Open this mysterious box to receive a spooky surprise.
  • Vial of Absinthe: Drink this beverage to be engulfed in a ghoulish flame.
  • Transmogrifier Tonic: Turns you into one of the Mad King's guards.


Participation in one of Mad King Thorn's appearances will earn you a festival hat:

Furious Pumpkin Crown
(Lion's Arch)
Wicked Hat
Furious Pumpkin Crown.png Wicked Hat f.png Wicked Hat m.png



Lion's Arch
Necromancer 12 Mad King's Guard
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Necromancer 3 Mad King's Guard


Tyrian collectors for Halloween were found in the same outposts they were the previous year, with the exception of Droknar's Forge. The Elonian province of Istan also had Halloween collectors arrive for the festival.

Typical Horseman Collector

Ascalon City

Henge of Denravi

Lion's Arch

Champion's Dawn

Kamadan, Jewel of Istan

Kodlonu Hamlet

Sunspear Great Hall


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