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Eternal Ale Hound.jpg
Campaign Core
Title type Character

A character's progress in the Drunkard title track is determined by the amount of alcohol they consume.

Drunkard title track[edit]

Tier Title Points
1 Drunkard 1,000
2 Incorrigible Ale-Hound 10,000


You progress the title by consuming any of a variety of alcoholic beverages, each of which adds either 1 or 3 points to the title, with the exception of Battle Isle Iced Tea, which adds 50 points. (Drinks also cause the player to become Drunk, changing the display in a variety of ways if post-processing effects are enabled.)

Reducing acquisition costs

Maximizing the title would cost 2000Platinum if you bought alcohol for 200Gold/point from NPCs (e.g. Dwarven Ale). You can reduce this amount by:


  • Once you are drunk, others around you will also notice you are drinking, as you will no longer have complete control over what your character says and does. See Drunk for other details.


  • The March 3, 2011 update to The Drunkard title now awards points based upon the number and strength of drinks consumed. Before this update, a character's progress in the Drunkard title track was determined by the time spent drunk. Thus, making drunk points spammable.

We've changed the method of acquisition for this title, so that players now earn points directly from consuming drinks. The amount of points players earn depends on how strong the drink is. Players previously attained points by having characters spend time drunk, maxing out at 10,000 minutes. This method was convoluted and not clearly explained; players did not receive points unless they were at a minimum tier of drunkenness. Because players went down a tier for every minute spent drunk, many players had to use counterintuitive methods for keeping track of their progress on the title. The new version of acquisition is easier to understand and does not rely on hidden systems. The change does not significantly affect the cost of obtaining the title; however, it does spare people the necessity of spending seven days of real time inebriated in-game.

People who have already maxed out this title will not be affected. People who are currently working on the title will have their progress converted to the new title format, so that no progress will have been lost.

— Developer updates

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