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If all the skills on your bar use the same attribute, you gain +3 Health regeneration and +100 maximum Health, and your skills cost 25% less Energy.

Concise description

If all your skills use one attribute, gain +3 Health regeneration and +100 max Health; your skills also cost 25% less Energy.

Related skills[edit]


  • This Flux is in effect every November (UTC−7).
  • The Flux's benefit will still be applied when equipping any number of No Attribute skills along with skills from one "proper" attribute.
  • The effects of Expertise and Mysticism are applied before the Flux reduction in energy cost.
    • For example, at 14 Expertise, a skill costing 10 energy will first be reduced to 4 by Expertise, and then by an additional 1 down to 3 energy.
  • Nothing can make you gain or lose the Flux's benefit once you have entered an outpost, match or Isle of the Nameless (PvP). For this reason, using a skill to copy a skill from another target (such as Arcane Mimicry or Inspired Enchantment) that is neither of the same attribute of the skills on your skill bar nor a No Attribute skill will not cause you to lose the Flux's benefit. Also, the Flux's benefit in outposts will not update until you change or re-enter the outpost.


  • This Flux has been in effect every November since 2012 (following UTC±0 in 2012 and UTC−7 in 2013 onward).