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About me +

I'm originally from California but my journey into game development has taken me across the United States to live in a variety of different places. I went to school in Arizona to learn programming followed by more school in Texas to learn game design. After school, my first job in the game industry was in Maryland. At that point I wasn't really sure where my next job would take me since I couldn't move any further east without ending up in Europe. Fortunately I managed to get this cool job at ArenaNet and now I'm back on the west coast again.

I've been playing Guild Wars since the early Beta Weekend Events and have really enjoyed seeing the game grow and expand over the years. I hope I can contribute a lot of cool ideas to the future of Guild Wars.

My favorite profession (if you can't tell by the color of this page) is Mesmer.

Contacting me+

For now I think the best way to contact me will be through my wiki talk/feedback page. I have an in game character with my name "Robert Gee" though I usually don't log into that account much so the feedback page is probably a better bet.

For skill suggestions the best thing to do is to put them in the feedback portal. I actually read this page on a regular basis to check for new skill suggestions. Chances are if you post it here I will read it sooner or later (though I usually don't have time to respond to individual suggestions).

My Work+

My job title is Live Team Designer, which means I work on everything from skill balance to content design. I've been involved in every skill update since I started working here to varying degrees and have helped design content for both the War in Kryta and Winds of Change. I've also done work setting up new game systems like Imperial Faction and Mercenary Heroes. My favorite quest to design was Cantha Courier Crisis, because if there's one thing I felt Guild Wars was lacking up until that point, it was more punching!

An Amusing Note+

The Prophecies mesmer henchmen, Dunham, used to randomly aggro charmable animals by casting Empathy on them.