Minion Apocalypse

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Minion Apocalypse

Any time a player dies, all nearby creatures are struck for 50 damage and a level 20 masterless bone horror is spawned.

Concise description

Each player death deals 50 damage to all nearby creatures and spawns a masterless bone horror (level 20).

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Build synergy


  • This Flux has been in effect every October since 2011 (following UTC±0 in 2011 and 2012, and UTC−7 in 2013 onward).
  • This is the only Flux to affect a PvE area.
  • Before the October 4, 2011 update, getting banned by Dhuum in a PvP outpost would trigger Minion Apocalypse and could quickly cause the whole outpost to be swarmed with bone horrors.
    • As is typical for deaths in outposts, these deaths did not count against the survivor title.
    • Video of this bug: Random Arenas.
  • A Zombie Apocalypse is a popular type of apocalyptic fiction in which zombies threaten civilization through rapid growth and infection of humans; it is also the title of a video game.