Evil Residents Code: Harmonica

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Evil Residents Code: Harmonica
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by The Countess of Hakewood
in Lion's Arch
Preceded by Evil Residents
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest

Quest information[edit]



  • 1,000 Experience
  • 200 Gold
  • 10 Trick-or-Treat Bags
  • In addition, each player will receive a Trick-or-Treat Bag for each settler that survives after the tyrant is defeated. They are added directly to your inventory without notification.


See also: Mad King's Influence

After being teleported to the Ascalon Settlement by the Countess of Hakewood, Mad King's Influence and Minion Apocalypse will immediately be applied to all party members. Minion Apocalypse, but not Mad King's Influence, will be applied to animal companions, Ascalonian Settlers, and quest-related foes (except minions).

Alternatively, the first objective can be ignored by not talking to the Countess of Hakewood and walking to the Ascalon Settlement (similar to Evil Residents) instead of being teleported there. This allows some of the restrictions of Mad King's Influence to be bypassed, since that effect is not applied to all party members until a party member approaches the Ascalon Settlement. Consider waiting until Mad King's Influence is applied before using any summoning stones, since allies summoned after the application of Mad King's Influence will not be affected by that effect.





Minions (They are not spawned by skills. They are masterless, since Verata's Gaze only needs to be used once instead of twice to take control of one of these minions if Verata's Gaze does not fail because of the caster having 0 Death Magic; however, they are not hostile to the quest-related foes.)

Skeletons (undead)

Zombies (undead)


Candy Corn creature

Skeletons (undead)

  • Ranger 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie
  • Monk 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie
  • Mesmer 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie
  • Elementalist 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie

Zombies (undead)

  • Warrior 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie
  • Necromancer 24 (30) Disgruntled Zombie


Initial dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
"You know, the more I think about it the more I believe that we absolutely must find a harmonica for his majesty this year. It just won't be the same otherwise. Perhaps you missed something the last time you went. Since time is of the essence, I will arrange transportation this time around, so would you be a dear and take another look through that zombie-infested town to see if you can find a harmonica? Even if the instrument maker has become a zombie, I'm sure you'll be able to find one laying around there somewhere."
Yes Accept: "Those zombies won't know what hit them! I mean they probably won't, since they don't have brains, but...oh you know what I mean!"
No Decline: "I've put down my quota of zombie attacks, thanks."
Ask Ask: "Are you ready to go to the settlement?"
Yes "Let's go wrangle us some biohazards!" (Sent to the Ascalon Settlement.)
No "I don't think I can survive the horror."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ascalonian Settler: "No! Don't come any closer! Nooooo!"
Ascalonian Settler: "Help! They're coming from the west!"
Ascalonian Settler: "There are too many!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
"More zombies but no harmonica? How unfortunate. I'd better get to practicing my air guitar..."

See also[edit]


  • The quest name is a reference to Resident Evil Code: Veronica.
    • The Countess of Hakewood's line "Let's go wrangle us some biohazards!" refers to the name used for the Resident Evil video game series in Japan, Bio Hazard.
      • All non-minion foes (with the exception of Candy Corn Tyrant) have "zombie" as part of their name, which is a reference to the zombies that are featured throughout the series.
      • Candy Corn Tyrant is a reference to Tyrants that are featured as boss enemies throughout the series.
  • This quest was introduced in Halloween 2012.