Ascalonian Settler

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Ascalonian Settler
Ascalon settler f.jpgAscalon settler m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Monk Monk
Level(s) 10, 20 (20) [26]
Campaign Prophecies
Ascalonian Settlers are those Ascalonians who followed Prince Rurik over the Shiverpeaks to escape the charr. They survived the journey, and were given land north of Lion's Arch by the White Mantle.



During Defend North Kryta Province (Hard mode)[edit]

During Evil Residents and Evil Residents Code: Harmonica[edit]


"I never thought to see green things growing again as long as I lived."
"How long before our enemies find us here? Have we been saved from the pot only to be thrown into the fire?"
"Most would rather not speak of such things, but I say the Flameseeker Prophecies are coming true."
"The Ascalon we left was not the home I loved."
"The prophecies predicted the Searing, did they not? How long, I wonder, before see signs of the 'treacherous man'..."
So beautiful here, isn't it? Though I do miss Ascalon.... Ascalon that was, anyway.
"This place seems safe enough, but I wonder..."
During Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona
"First the Charr and now this! Is there nowhere we can live in peace?"
"I had hoped the Krytans no longer looked at us as their enemies. I guess we will always be outsiders to them."
"I think I may have broken my hand on that Justiciar's armor!"
"I truly hope this doesn't mean we need to move again..."
"Someone should have told those Krytans: don't mess with Ascalonians!"
"Thank you for protecting us!"
"This is ridiculous; we're no safer here! At least we had bigger walls in Ascalon!"
During Evil Residents and Evil Residents Code: Harmonica
"They're coming! Save me!"


During Evil Residents and Evil Residents Code: Harmonica

"Aaaaah! Stay away!"
"Back! Back, you vile creatures!"
"Don't eat me!"
"I wanted to eat treats this holiday, not be eaten as a treat!"
"Not my brains! I need those!" [sic]
"This is all the Mad King's fault!"
"We're not gonna make it!"
"What did we do to deserve this!?"