Defend North Kryta Province (Hard mode)

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Defend North Kryta Province
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Vision of Glint
in Droknar's Forge
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Defend Droknar's Forge (Hard mode)
Followed by The Titan Source (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
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You and your party must defend North Kryta Province, and the Ascalon Settlement from waves of attacking Titans.

Quest information[edit]





Before you start moving towards North Kryta Province, make sure you activate War in Kryta spawns (if available) by taking a daily Wanted quest from Lion's Arch Keep. This will net you up to three extra allies upon entering the zone. One can even keep zoning between the Nebo Terrace and North Kryta Province to make the desired ally spawn, for example the fire Elementalist Lawrence Crafton.

Starting from the Temple of the Ages with your party of 8, travel through the Black Curtain, Cursed Lands and Nebo Terrace into North Kryta Province. Head North East into the Ascalonian Settlement and then South East to Captain Greywind - talking to Lionscout Gabrian is optional and not required.

This first area will have a few waves of third generation elementalist Titans followed by a few Wild Growths. The elementalist Titans should be killed before attacking any Wild Growths to avoid facing huge numbers of high damage output elementalists. It is recommended to make any elementalists attacking Greywind a priority, since if he dies the quest fails and you have to return to the outpost.

After the initial battle, Captain Greywind will head to the gates of the Ascalonian Settlement and this is when the fight becomes much tougher. As before, attempt to eliminate elementalists before any other type of titan. Beware of Greywind moving away from the camp to engage titans. If this does happen however, and there are still waves to go, consider moving the frontline forward, instead of hoping to make Greywind retreat to his original location. This increases the chance of getting flanked, but decreases the chance of having Greywind becoming attacked by an entire mob.

Eventually Captain Greywind will say that "It appears that was the last of them", and the quest is complete.


  • Stopping the damage from the Earth, Water & Wind Born Titans is the key to success. To achieve this, defensive skills like Protective Spirit, "Save Yourselves!" and Shelter, and offensive shutdown like Panic or daze are a good idea since the majority of the threat is from casters.
  • A consumable set, in conjunction with summoning stones will make the party significantly more effective and durable.
  • Hero builds should be able to maintain energy during extended periods of combat.
  • There is a group of about 5 Lionguard Sentries on the northern beach, which will join you if saved, and thus provide extra allies. The sentries will cry out for help when the player gets in range, after which two groups of third-generation Titans will spawn. Because of the sheer power of the Titans, if this spawn is triggered when not charging to the Lionguard's rescue from the western entrance of the beach, they will be killed in seconds.





Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)




Anomaly Anomaly.If Captain Greywind dies, a window about mission failure will appear but there will be a countdown to resurrecting. However, you die immediately when resurrected.
Anomaly Anomaly.Two of the six Settlement Guards are level 20 instead of level 28.

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