Mhenlo's Request

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Mhenlo's Request
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian or Elonian only)

Given by Firstwatch Sergio
in Lion's Arch
Followed by Welcome to Cantha
Type Secondary quest

This quest gets a character passage from Prophecies to Factions.

Quest information[edit]





Travel north through the portal into North Kryta Province. Mhenlo will be waiting for you just outside of town. Mhenlo will send you to the docks inside Lion's Arch to speak with Jiaju Tai to book passage to Cantha.

Your ship docks at Bejunkan Pier in Cantha. Immediately after getting off the ship you will find Dockhand Quangnai. He has your reward, a message from Mhenlo and another quest to give you.


North Kryta Province[edit]

Bejunkan Pier[edit]



Two randomly spawn when Mhenlo's group comes up to Jamei


Initial dialogue[edit]

Firstwatch Sergio
"Oh, it's you, <character name>! Mhenlo has been looking all over for you. Apparently he has received a letter with some disturbing news, a letter sent by an old friend of his from Cantha. He asked me to tell you to meet him out in North Kryta Province if I happened to see you. He's probably waiting out there right now...Mhenlo looked pretty upset, you may want to go talk to him."
Yes Accept: "I'll speak to Mhenlo and find out what this is all about!"
No Decline: "Cantha? Can't say I'm interested."
Ask Ask: "Mhenlo awaits you in North Kryta Province. Shouldn't you be going?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Hello, <character name>, I'm glad Firstwatch Sergio found you. I'm afraid I have some bad news. I have received a letter from my old teacher in Cantha...Master Togo of Shing Jea Monastery, maybe you've heard of him. It seems a violent and horrific plague has spread like wildfire through the streets of Cantha and threatens to destroy all of Kaineng City. He has asked that I organize a group of skilled heroes and take them with me to Cantha, where we can fight this evil at its source. I will be traveling to Cantha shortly; if you're up to the task, talk to Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch, book passage to Cantha, and meet me there.
Jiaju Tai
"So a plague really does threaten my homeland? Ordinarily, I would chalk that up to rumor and speculation...but I have heard similar disturbing news from other merchants of late. People I trust. If you are willing to go to Cantha just to help my people, I am sure I can help find you find a berth on one of my own vessels!"
Yes Take me to Cantha!
You will be traveling on a ship to the distant lands of Cantha to the south. By so doing, you will leave the lands of Tyria behind and arrive near Kaineng Center, the heart of Cantha's capital city. If you feel the need, you can return via boat travel to Tyria at any time. Are you ready to depart?
Yes Let's Go!
Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?
Yes Yes. (sent to Bejunkan Pier)
No No.
No I'm not ready yet.

On the pier[edit]

Jamei: "Mhenlo! Ah, my good friend, it is excellent to see you. Your timing is most fortunate. Give me a hand with these things, would you?"
Jamei: "Thank you so much for your help. These vile creatures are everywhere. It seems no place is safe. Perhaps with your help, my friend, all that can change."
Brother Mhenlo: "'s been too long."
Jamei: "Mhenlo...I came as soon as I heard you were expected. It is so good to see you."
Cynn: "That's Jamei? Mhenlo, he's a GIRL! All those stories about your old friend growing up, and you never told me..."
Brother Mhenlo: "You never asked, Cynn, and I don't see that it matters."
Jamei: "Ah, the stories. There are so many, eh, Mhenlo? I swear, it seems looking back that there was not a day we were apart."
Cynn: "Not a day apart?! Listen lady, he may not be much, but that Monk is mine! Don't even think about it!"
Brother Mhenlo: "Now Cynn, calm down..."
Jamei: "Oh, Mhenlo! You got yourself a little girlfriend! How....sweet."
Cynn: "'Little girl'?! Lady, this 'little girl' will show you big pain if you're not careful...."
Jamei: "Yes, I imagine you give Mhenlo quite a pain...."
Aidan: "Mhenlo has his hands full, doesn't he?"
Devona: "Cynn has an amazing ability to make friends, doesn't she?"
Brother Mhenlo: "Cynn, Jamei, please. We have important matters to deal with and we must work together."
Jamei: "Mhenlo is right. Let us focus on our task. You all came to Cantha to help us fight this plague. We must find Master Togo and learn how you can best aid this effort."
Jamei: "Master Togo awaits us inside the city. Let's go."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Dockhand Quangnai
"Welcome to Cantha, <character name>! We are in dire need of heroes right now...a terrible plague has spread across our city and threatens to engulf us all in chaos. It is noble of you indeed to come all this way to help our people."


  • Mhenlo won't spawn with Evil Residents or Evil Residents Code: Harmonica in the quest log.
  • This quest unlocks Kaineng City port (once you have walked through the portal from Bejunkan Pier).
  • Having this quest active or completed will make Plague in Cantha unavailable.
  • While walking along Bejunkan Pier, there are two level 20 monsters that attack the party. At the end of the battle, the conversation continues, then the allies in the party wave just before entering Kaineng Center.
  • Once a character first enters Lion's Arch, the message "To unlock travel to Cantha, accept the quest Mhenlo's Request from Firstwatch Sergio" will appear.
  • See Campaign travel and Ferry for additional information.