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Boat and Asura Gate icons near Lion's Arch

Campaign travel, often called boat travel, is where you travel between the different continents/campaigns within the Guild Wars world. Once you have finished a travel quest, you may at any time use the boat icon to travel to the port town in that campaign again; for Eye of the North, the various Asura Gates will always take you to Boreal Station.

From Prophecies[edit]

Quests are issued by NPCs in Lion's Arch

From Factions[edit]

Quests are issued by NPCs in Kaineng Center

From Nightfall[edit]

Quests are issued by NPCs in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


  • If you have trouble getting a quest from a quest giver, here are some possible reasons:
    • You might not have the correct campaign activated on your account.
    • You can only have one travel quest to each campaign active at at a time, so if you left Factions for Prophecies and want to go to Nightfall from there and can't, make sure you didn't take Sunspears in Cantha before leaving Cantha.
    • Make sure you meet the requirements for the quest.
  • Under some circumstances, it can be beneficial to "immigrate" new characters to another campaign rather than being born from that campaign. This can be to get heroes, skills, quests or professions that are otherwise not available:
    • In Prophecies, you only need to have completed Ascalon Academy and get a run to Lion's Arch to be able to travel to other campaigns.
    • In Factions, it is not possible to travel to other campaigns earlier than intended, the Shing Jea Island part of the story must still be completed. Once you reach the Marketplace, you can then reach Kaineng Center and travel abroad.
    • In Nightfall, you can get a ferry from Kamadan to Consulate Docks, and then another ferry to Prophecies or Factions.
  • The party size limits for the port towns stay in effect for trans-campaign trips; four for Kamadan, six for Lion's Arch and eight for Kaineng Center. To bypass these restrictions, travel to Embark Beach and then talk to the appropriate NPC to take you to the desired destination.


  • The boat icon, the Asura Gate icon and the Vortex icon are the only three map travel functions that can be used while the map is zoomed out.

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