Sunspears in Kryta

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Sunspears in Kryta
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian or Canthan only)

Given by Lionguard Figo
in Lion's Arch
Followed by Battle Preparations
Type Secondary quest

Sunspears in Kryta is the quest that allows characters in Lion's Arch to travel to Elona and start the Nightfall campaign.

Quest information[edit]




  • 1,000 Experience
  • Travel to Kamadan, Jewel of Istan port unlocked.


Talk to Kormir in Lion's Gate. She will ask you if you are ready to face the danger that has come to Lion's Arch. When you respond "yes", you will be taken to the mission. Your party will be in a mission instance of Lion's Arch, with mission rules. If your party is wiped out, the quest is failed.

There will be some fights with high level enemies, so it's strongly advised not to go alone.

Henchmen here are level 10, so it may be difficult doing this quest with only henchmen.

You need to close four Chaos Rifts to defend Lion's Arch while fighting or avoiding groups of Wrathful Storms (Lvl 24), Grasps of Insanity (18, 22), and Torment Claws (20, 22, 24) in the area. To close a rift stand under it to capture and close it. A red bar on the left side of your screen will indicate how far the rift has to go to close and how quickly it is closing. When the bar turns blue, the rift has closed.

Each rift is guarded by a Wrathful Storm and a Grasp of Insanity. You may avoid killing them while you capture the rift but they may capture the rifts back. Once all four rifts are closed, a 30 second timer counts down. You must hold all four rifts during this time.

Once your party is ready, head to Lion's Gate and talk to Kormir. Travel to Elona and get your reward.


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Humans (Order of the Sunspears)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Lionguard Figo

Greetings, [Character name]. Someone has been looking for you. Kormir, spearmarshal of the illustrious Sunspears, has traveled here from the lands of Elona to the south. She has been asking most diligently after you. Kormir awaits you at the Lion's Gate. Lionguard Bedo will grant you entrance to speak with her.

Yes Accept: "I will find this Kormir and speak with her."
No Decline: "I have more pressing matters to attend to."
Ask Ask: "Speak to Kormir in Lion's Gate to learn why she has arrived in Kryta."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Lionguard Bedo

Ah good, [Character name], you were found. A rather important guest has arrived from Elona, and she has been asking about you. She awaits you in Lion's Gate.


Ahai, [Character name]. I am Spearmarshal Kormir, leader of the Sunspears from the lands of Elona to the southeast. Our Order has been entrusted with defending the three provinces of Elona...Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi...from those who would seek to bring our lands to ruin. An evil has risen in Elona; a darkness we cannot hope to fight alone. I come here now in search of heroes who will help us battle this evil, which surely seeks to devour us all.

Yes We are ready.
I speak of Nightfall, a darkness that threatens Elona and will envelop all our lands if it is not stopped. Even now its tendrils stretch out to bring ruin to Lion's Arch! I can sense it! If you are the caliber of hero I seek, prove it by defeating this evil here in your home. Make haste, though. Your own lands are in great peril! Are you prepared to begin the defense of Lion's Arch?
Yes Yes. (sent to Lion's Arch (Sunspears in Kryta))
No No.
No We are not ready yet.

You have now witnessed the darkness that threatens to destroy us all and triumphed over it. I fear that the leader of the Elonian province of Kourna, Varesh Ossa, is responsible. I ask of you, come to Elona and help the Sunspears defeat here before she brings ruin down upon us all! Finish your important tasks here in Tyria, and return to me when you are ready. I will then arrange travel to Elona so you may help us make a stand against this evil.

Yes We are ready.
If you have completed your business here in Tyria and wish to join the Sunspears in the defense of Elona, I have a ship prepared to leave immediately. Are you ready to travel to Elona and battle against the coming darkness?
Yes Yes. (sent to Sun Docks for Land of the Golden Sun cinematic)
No No.
No We are not ready yet.

Cinematic dialogue[edit]

"Elona. Land of the Golden Sun."
"A land of wealth and bounty."
"A land of heroes."
"A land protected by its champions, the Order of the Sunspears."
"A shadow now falls upon this land."
"The shadow of an ancient and forgotten darkness."
"Night falls. The time of the Five Gods is at an end."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Seamarshal Bendro

Kormir told me to expect you, [Character name]. We Sunspears are indeed lucky to have such great heroes volunteer to join our battle against the evil that threatens Elona. There is much that must be done to prepare you for the battle that awaits us. When you're ready, I will direct you on your way.



  • One of the battle quotes from the ally NPCs is "It's the end of the world as we know it!", which is the name of a R.E.M. song.