Lion's Arch (Sunspears in Kryta)

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Lion's Arch
Lion's Arch.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Kryta
Type Explorable area
Required quest Sunspears in Kryta
Exit(s) None

This is an alternate version of Lion's Arch, for when it is under assault by Torment creatures during the Sunspears in Kryta quest.

Mission objectives[edit]

Defend Lion's Arch from the evil that threathens to destroy it.

  • Destroy the Chaos Rifts. [4...0] of 4 rifts remain.





Demons (Torment creatures)


  • Most of the allies on this list will be dead before you get anywhere close to them.
  • None of the Merchants, Traders, etc. will offer their services in the event that they can be saved.
  • This area is only accessible during Sunspears in Kryta, and you are mapped out and back to Lion's Gate 30 seconds after closing all the rifts.