Magi Malaquire

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Magi Malaquire
Krytan old m.jpg
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Ritualist Ritualist
Service Skill Trainer
Level(s) 15 (20), 20
Campaign Prophecies

Magi Malaquire is an eccentric old wizard found in Lion's Arch. He instructs Prophecies characters how to use the Signet of Capture through various quests. Afterwards, players may also buy Signets of Capture and any skills previously unlocked from him.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:


During The Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]


Lion's Arch
"I am known to mortal men as Magi Malaquire. What brings you into my presence?"
Droknar's Forge (explorable area)
"Her Majesty has asked me to join her court as council. I have much knowledge to impart and I am happy to do so."
Lion's Arch Keep
"Among mortals, I am known as Magi Malaquire. Today, I am but a humble servant of Princess Salma. Tea?"
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"The thunder of battle reminds me of the Siege of Jumah during King Doric's trek to Arah many centuries ago. Ah... perhaps Magi Malaquire is older than he appears?"
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"The Queen has requested I continue to serve as her advisor during this time of reconstruction. I am happy to oblige! Back in my day, Kryta was a place you were proud to call home, and I am eager to aid in the restoration of her former glory. Thank you, brave mortal, for your continued service to my beloved homeland."


  • After completing Malaquire's Test he will function as a skill trainer.
    • Only Tyrian characters can undertake Malaquire's Test and learn skills from Magi Malaquire.
  • If his quote in the quest The Battle for Lion's Arch can be relied on, he may be over 1,079 years old.


  • Like all other NPCs sharing the same skin, Magi Malaquire is wearing white boxers with hearts on them under his robe.
  • Magi Malaquire's name may be a combination of the word "acquire" with the prefix "mal-," meaning "wrong," so that his name could be translated to mean "wrongly acquire," referencing the use of his Signets to steal skills from others.