Orrian Excavation

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Orrian Excavation
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Magi Malaquire
in Lion's Arch
Followed by Malaquire's Test
Type Secondary quest
Orrian Excavation map.jpg
Route from Lion's Arch to the Enchanted Clay

Help in the research of a new skill by collecting artifacts from Orr.

Quest information[edit]



Bug Bug.Upon collecting 5 Orrian Tablet Shards the quest log will not update to read "Orrian Excavation (Completed)".
Bug Bug.Upon completion, Magi Malaquire will take all the shards in your inventory. If you wish to keep any extras, put them in storage first.


  • 400 Experience


The area marked on the map is only accessible from the sea. There is a path in the cliff that can be entered from a sand bank in front of the shore, to the east of the beach. Usually there is a group of Mergoyles around the beach.

When you head up the hill, you'll be faced with a relatively large group of Enchanted Clay. They shouldn't be too difficult to kill, but it'll be much easier if you have skills that damage foes within a range of either yourself or the foe you target as they will swarm your party members.

Once they're all defeated, you'll find they'll have dropped 20 in total instead of the 5 Orrian Tablet Shards you need to complete this quest. As long as you pick up the five you need, you don't need anymore: you won't get an extra reward for it. Once you've collected what you need, head back to Magi Malaquire to collect your reward.

Alternatively you can leave from the Gates of Kryta and go north, then through the portal and around to the beach, etc....



Initial Dialogue[edit]

Magi Malaquire
I am known to mortal men as Magi Malaquire. I have been researching new methods in skill acquisition. Such a task is effortless to one such as I, of course, but I lack one final ingredient. Long ago, ancient tablets were brought here from Orr by wizards of some consequence. They were buried in North Kryta Province, where their magic seeped into the very earth. I sent villagers to excavate these tablets for me, but alas, they unearthed only magical beings made of clay. I believe that these enchanted clay creatures hold shards of the orrian tablets within themselves. I need heroes such as you to defeat these creatures and return to me the Orrian tablet shards contained within. Bring me 5 shards that I may continue my research.
You will of course accept this task?
Yes Accept: "Of course."
No Decline: "I think you can handle it."
Ask Ask: "Bring to me 5 Orrian tablet shards. they can be found inside the enchanted clay located in North Kryta Province."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Magi Malaquire
Thank you! these shards are very important to my research. Now leave me to my work. Soon all will be revealed.