Malaquire's Test

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Malaquire's Test
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Magi Malaquire
in Lion's Arch
Preceded by Orrian Excavation
Type Secondary quest

This quest gives you your first Signet of Capture by helping Magi Malaquire perfect the science of it.

Quest information[edit]



  • Seek out a suitable target and use the Signet of Capture to gain a skill.
  • See Magi Malaquire for your reward.

Early benefits[edit]

  • You receive a Signet of Capture after accepting this quest for the first time.



There is no real "set" course for this quest; simply find a boss, kill it, and use the Signet of Capture to capture a skill from it. This may take some time, as you are only able to "capture" a skill from a boss with the same profession as your primary or secondary profession.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Magi Malaquire
"Long have I studied the mysteries of Tyria, and I have come to understand many things about the world. You will often encounter creatures that use skills that you would like to learn. I have created a means by which you may do so. I call it a Signet of Capture. Nothing is gained for free, however, and there are rules you must follow if you are to use the Signet. First, common foes do not possess the necessary Energy to charge the Signet. It will work only on those who possess exceptional power. You will recognize such foes by their colored auras. After you have defeated a worthy foe, simply stand near that foe and use the Signet of Capture. Any nearby foes who are sufficiently powerful will be affected by the Signet, which will then transform itself into the single skill of your choosing. There are some exceptionally powerful skills that may only be gained in this manner, so this Signet is a very valuable resource.
Do you understand how to use the Signet of Capture?"
Yes Accept: "I understand. It sounds amazing!"
No Decline: "I don't think I'm getting it."
Ask Ask: "Go forth and seek an exceptional foe on whom to test the Signet of Capture. You will recognize such foes by their colored aura. And remember, the power of the signet is limited. You may not capture skills that you normally would not be able to use."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Magi Malaquire
"So the signet worked? And you feel no ill effects? Not that I was expecting anything... Of course, there was a small chance that you might combust when the ring absorbed the...but this is a technical detail that I wouldn't want to bore you with. You seem no worse for your experience. Since you have been an excellent assistant, I will provide you with one last Signet of Capture free of charge."


  • When progressing through the campaign, bosses generally do not have elite skills to capture until reaching the Crystal Desert.
    • Some skills (that have not been unlocked on an account previously) are only available later in the Prophecies Campaign from skill vendors but can be captured much earlier from bosses.


  • When first introduced, there was a bug that allowed players to receive extra free copies of the Signet of Capture by accepting and then abandoning the quest; the player would be able to use the signet and to retake the quest. When ANet fixed the bug, they also removed all skills that players had acquired through this loophole.