Brother Bilshan

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Brother Bilshan
Krytan m.jpg
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

Brother Bilshan spouts his views of the Gods of Tyria in Lion's Arch.




Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"Don't let this victory fool you! The end is still near! Humanity is doomed! Doooooooomed, I say!"


"Listen to me, brothers and sisters. Do not turn away from your heritage."
"We must not forsake the gods who for so long protected and guided us."
"For so many generations Dwayna and Balthazar have protected us. Melandru has provided our lands with the fullness of her bounty."
"To Grenth have we entrusted our dead. Through Lyssa have the living found beauty."
"Do not trust in these Unseen gods of the White Mantle. How can you worship that which you cannot see?"
"And why is it only the "Chosen" may see the Mantle's gods? Do the gods not love us all equally?"
"You need not fear persecution by the White Mantle. There is still a place where the true gods are revered in safety, the Temple of the Ages."
"Come ye seekers of the truth to the Temple of the Ages. Come and you shall find the truths the Unseen Ones cannot offer you."

During Sunspears in Kryta:

"It's the end of the world as we know it!"
"Lyssa, protect us!"


Bug Bug.Since the introduction of Valkenhien to Lion's Arch, he will sometimes get stuck and cannot follow his normal, predefined path.