Defend North Kryta Province

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Defend North Kryta Province (Hard mode).
Defend North Kryta Province
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Vision of Glint
in Droknar's Forge
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Defend Droknar's Forge
Followed by The Titan Source
Type Secondary quest
Defend North Kryta Province map.jpg
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You and your party must defend North Kryta Province, and the Ascalon Settlement from waves of attacking Titans.

Quest information[edit]





When you leave Lion's Arch, you will find Lionscout Gabrian just outside the door, he will direct you to Captain Greywind. Follow the path to the settlement. It is possible to dodge all the Titan patrols on the way to the Captain. When you get to the sign where it points to the settlement in one way and Giant's Basin in the other, head to Giant's Basin (northeast). As soon as you near Captain Greywind, he will warn of incoming Titans. They will come from two directions in groups of Wind Born Titans, Earth Born Titans and Water Born Titans.

After all waves (four in total) are beaten, Greywind will take you to the Ascalon Settlement, where you will have to fight off several waves of Titans led by Mentanl Arobo, a necromancer Titan boss. If your party wipes, Captain Greywind will most certainly die before you resurrect at the shrine, and you will fail the quest.

It is important to properly prepare for this quest. Your party must be able to do two things:

  • Keep fighting for a long time. The siege at the end will present wave after wave of Titan groups, and running out of energy or having two party members die is not an option.
  • Finish off groups quickly. Your party will need to be deadly efficient and organized. The longer a group of titans takes to kill, the closer your party is to certain failure as it will soon be overrun.

The main threat is from the Wind, Water and Earth Born Titans which are all elementalists with strong defensive skills. Always take them out first, then Rotting Titans, and leave Wild Growths for last. Of the Born Titans, concentrate on killing the Wind Born Titans before the others. They possess the ability to deal spike damage in groups, and have been known to deal over 180 damage with their Chain Lightning to multiple targets at once. They will also blind and weaken the attackers on your team using Blinding Flash and Enervating Charge. The Water and Earth Born Titans are not as dangerous: Earth Born Titans use Stone Daggers which deals relatively low damage, while Water Born Titans cast Maelstrom, which can be moved away from (you may have to manually flag heroes and henchmen, however).

In fact, the key to winning the final siege is to ignore every Wild Growth that comes and to reduce every Rotting Titan to a Wild Growth then leave it. After the attacking forces are only a bunch of Wild Growths, clear them out one at a time, killing the Wild Growth and then the three Born Titans that it spawns before moving on to the next one. This is because the Wild Growths are rangers with no interruption skills, only damage and poison, which a pair of good monks should be able to overcome.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Other tips[edit]

  • Leaving from the Temple of the Ages and not entering any outposts along the way will give you an 8 member party. Be aware though that if you are doing the quest with heroes and fail, your party will be returned to Lion's Arch and will lose two members.
  • You can skip talking to Lionscout Gabrian and go straight to Captain Greywind.
  • Minion masters can use the corpses of Krytan Peasants that lie along the back path to the Ascalon settlement so that they have a standing army before the battle.
  • Area of effect spells should be used carefully to ensure that you do not accidentally kill more than one Wild Growth at once.
  • Morale Boosts and Holy Blessing can be acquired from the statue of Dwayna.
  • You can kill bosses in Nebo Terrace to gain a 2% Morale Boost for each boss. Using the portal to North Kryta Province to rezone, you can continually kill the Tengu boss on the path between North Kryta Province and Bergen Hot Springs to gain a 10% Morale Boost.
  • There are some Lion's Arch Sentinels near the Ascalon Settlement. Beware of the Titans that spawn when you approach them.




Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)



Initial dialogue[edit]

Vision of Glint

"The plague of the Titans have spread out across the lands of Tyria, even Kryta is no longer safe. Travel to the city of Lion's Arch and speak with the head of the Lionguard, Firstwatch Sergio to learn of how you can be of use in the defense of Kryta. Act swiftly, time is a luxury we do not have!"
Yes Accept: "I will travel there with haste!"
No Decline: "I think I've done more than enough for Kryta already."
Ask Ask: "Travel to the city of Lion's Arch and speak with Firstwatch Sergio. We must defeat this incursion of evil before it casts the lands of Tyria into eternal darkness."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Firstwatch Sergio[edit]

Greetings! Your return to Lion's Arch is always a welcome surprise, though the circumstances under which you return are less than ideal. We have been under assault from massive beasts of evil that seem to have risen from the very forest itself. We have driven them back and the city is now safe, though I've no word of your settlers beyond the walls. Speak with Lionscout Gabrian outside the main gate and see if perhaps he has heard news of your countrymen.

Lionscout Gabrian[edit]

You're a sight for sore eyes, I've seen few of the living outside the walls of the city in the past few days. We have just recently secured the main gate though the cost to the Lionguard has been great. I haven't been able to spare any troops to investigate the situation at the settlement, I'd suggest you go find Captain Greywind out there immediately and see if they are safe.

When joining Greywind's group[edit]

Captain Greywind: Thank the gods, it's you! We were out scavenging for goods when a massive beast crossed our path, we lost many settlers to it before we managed to escape. The creature seems to have found more of its kind and they are not far behind.
Captain Greywind: We dare not lead them back to the settlement, we will make our stand here! The people of Ascalon will run no more, to arms!

On defeating the first Titan force[edit]

Captain Greywind: Thanks to you we have survived. We must return to the settlement immediately and ensure these creatures have not discovered it. I fear we may already be too late.
Captain Greywind: Follow me.
Captain Greywind: Hurry. Come this way.
Captain Greywind: Follow me to the gate.

On arriving at the settlement[edit]

Captain Greywind: The settlement appears to be safe, it seems we have made it just in time. The guards have seen movement in the distance that suggests these creatures are coming here in large numbers. It seems one final battle still awaits us, Prince Rurik's death will not be in vain!

On defeating the second Titan force[edit]

Captain Greywind: It appears that was the last of them. The gods be praised, truly we the survivors of Ascalon are blessed on this day!

When approaching Lionguard Sentries on the northern beach[edit]

Lionguard Sentry: Help! Please help me!

Reward dialogue[edit]

Vision of Glint:"You have done well, but much hard work awaits still before Tyria is free from the threat of the Titans."


  • Having the quests Gain Olias (old) or Mhenlo's Request active will prevent this quest from being available.
  • If War in Kryta is active, you will have a Shining Blade ally, and some groups of associated enemies will spawn.
  • There is a group of about 5 Lionguard Sentries on the northern beach. They will cry out for help, after which two groups of third-generation Titans will spawn. Because the sheer power of the Titans, if this spawn is triggered when not charging to the Lionguard's rescue from the western entrance of the beach, they will be killed quickly.


  • If you have Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona in your quest log and complete that quest while this quest is active, two Captain Greywinds will have spawned in the zone. Nothing happens if the Greywind from the Wanted quest dies.