Welcome to Cantha

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Welcome to Cantha
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions

(Tyrian or Elonian only)

Given by Dockhand Quangnai
in Bejunkan Pier
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Mhenlo's Request or
Plague in Cantha
Followed by Vizunah Square
Type Primary quest
Vizunah Square Route.JPG
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Journey to meet up with Master Togo and find out what is going on in Cantha.

Quest information[edit]





After leaving Kaineng Center, speak with Mhenlo right outside. Then follow the marker to Emi and Chiyo in a large courtyard area. After Mhenlo and the twins talk for a moment, the quest will update and you, Mhenlo, and his gang will travel to the Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) entrance, where Guardsman Chow will let you enter Vizunah Square.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Dockhand Quangnai
"Are you <character name>? Listen, a bunch of other foreigners just left for Bukdek Byway. [sic] They said they were going to go look for someone named Master Togo. One of them, Mhenlo, I think he said his name was, left a message for you to meet up with them. He was a nice enough fellow, but I was a little distracted by that sassy little blonde he had with him."
Yes Accept: "Thanks. I'll go find them."
No Decline: "I'll meet up with them later."
Ask Ask: "Your friends are just beyond the docks in Bukdek Byway."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Brother Mhenlo
"Welcome to Cantha, old friends. I had hoped that with the Charr pushed back toward their homeland, we all might enjoy some peace and quiet, but I suppose I should have known better... I'd received word from my former teacher, Master Togo, that a plague had been spreading throughout Cantha, but I had no idea the extent of its destruction. With Dwayna's guidance and Balthazar's fortitude, perhaps we can help Master Togo discover what is causing this sickness and put an end to it."
Brother Mhenlo: "Be wary: this part of the city is home to countless dens of thieves, petty assassins, and other unsavory characters."
Cynn: "Yes, if present company is any indication, this city is obviously crawling with them."
Brother Mhenlo: "Cynn! Enough!"
Cynn: "Hmph!"
Brother Mhenlo: "Have your weapons ready. There is no law here but that of the streets, and to reach Master Togo we must pass through some of the most dangerous streets of all."
Brother Mhenlo: "It has been many years since I left Cantha, but I am shocked at how little it has changed. This part of the city remains as dangerous as ever."
Brother Mhenlo: "I'm afraid to discover what damage the plague has wrought upon this land. I doubt any force could be more destructive than the Charr, yet the urgency of Master Togo's letter makes me think I may be wrong."

Reaching Emi and Chiyo[edit]

Emi: "Mhenlo! We have been looking all over for you!"
Brother Mhenlo: "Emi! Chiyo! I haven't seen you two since you were children. Now look, you've grown into young women!"
Cynn: "More girls? And twins, no less! Wonderful."
Emi: "Indeed we have, Mhenlo. And we are Adepts of the Oracle. He has taken quite an interest in you and your friends."
Chiyo: "Much has changed in the time you've been gone, Mhenlo. Though nothing compares to the change this plague has brought. The Oracle is quite concerned."
Brother Mhenlo: "That both Master Togo and the Oracle of the Mists are so concerned over this situation tells me all I need to know, friends. Truly there are dark forces at work in Cantha. I will do all in my power to help put an end to them. I hope I can count on your help."
Jamei: "Where is Master Togo? We expected to meet him here."
Chiyo: "Master Togo sends his regrets. He was forced to continue to Vizunah Square without you. He and some others from the monastery have traveled there to learn more about the plague and to try to discover its origins. He requests that you meet him there."
Emi: "Master Togo asked us to wait here for you. He requests that you try to catch up to him quickly, as he has a great deal to tell you and little time in which to do it."
Brother Mhenlo: "There is no time to waste, then. Let's go."
Brother Mhenlo: "Keep moving. Master Togo awaits us."

Arriving at the gate[edit]

Guardsman Chow: "You, there! Master Togo asked me to keep an eye out for you all. He is ahead...let me know when you are ready and I will show you the way."
Guardsman Chow
"I should warn you, this plague has everyone in a panic. The guards have lost control of this quarter, so make sure you stay alert. When your party is ready, we can head in."
Yes Master Togo is waiting! Let's go!
"You enter this area at your own risk. The Celestial Ministry absolves itself of all responsibility for your safety."
Yes All right already. Can we get a move on?
"Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready before doing so. Do you wish to continue?"
Yes Yes. (Sent to Welcome to Cantha (cinematic) and then Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) outpost.)
No No.
No There are still things we need to do first.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Guardsman Chow
"It seems Master Togo is in some trouble, so your friend went on ahead."


  • If you keep this quest active, all the quest NPCs will travel and fight with you in Bukdek Byway.
Bug Bug.The Quest Log displays "Dockhand Quangnai (Kaineng Docks)" even though Bejunkan Pier is where Dockhand Quangnai is located and the quest is acquired.