Guardsman Chow

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Guardsman Chow
Canthan guard m.jpg
Affiliation Imperial Guard
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Gatekeeper
Mission briefing
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Factions

Guardsman Chow helps orient non-Factions characters to the campaign.



Bukdek Byway before the Emi and Chiyo dialogue during Welcome to Cantha:

"Once visitors disembark from their ships and make it out of the docks, they typically head into Bukdek Byway. <Character name> should be able to find Mhenlo there. Keep an eye out for the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah, though. Is there something else you wish to discuss?"
Unknown I'll be on my way.

Bukdek Byway after the Emi and Chiyo dialogue during Welcome to Cantha:

"Master Togo was very clear: only his friends from the northern kingdom may travel through this gate. I am afraid I cannot allow you to pass. Is there something else I can help you with?"

Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter):

"Thank Dwayna you made it. Togo is just ahead in Courthouse Square. This plague is turning out to be more of a problem than we initially thought.
Let me know if I can be of assistance."
Ask Remind me of the situation in Cantha.
"You, along with Mhenlo, Cynn, Aidan, Devona, and Eve, traveled to Cantha on Togo's request. When you arrived onshore, [sic] you found Mhenlo's old friend, Jamei, under plague attack. The sickness has spread further through the land."
Ask Let's talk about something else.
Ask What is going on in Vizunah Square?
"Togo is waiting in the Courthouse Square for you and Mhenlo. Once you meet up, follow your master along the rooftops. He will inform you of the terrible events plaguing Cantha as of late."
Ask Let's talk about something else.
Ask I want to be fully prepared for the fight. Do you have any suggestions for me?
"1. Plague creatures explode upon death. Anyone nearby will suffer damage.
2. Protection and self-healing skills are crucial tools in the battle against the Afflicted.
3. Keep Master Togo and Mhenlo alive; without them, all is lost.
4. Be prepared to suffer numerous Conditions."
Ask Let's talk about something else.
Ask Replay the mission cinematic.
Unknown I'll be on my way.