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Containers are used to store items in your character's inventory.

Every character's inventory has one place for a Backpack, one place for a Belt Pouch, two places for Bags and, since the Fourth Anniversary content update, 1 place for an Equipment Pack.

A Backpack holds 20 items, an upgraded Belt Pouch holds 10, bags can hold 15, and the largest Equipment Pack can hold 20. Thus, a character can hold up to 80 items; however, an Equipment Pack can only hold weapons or armor not customized for another character.

Backpack Belt Pouch Bag Charr Bag Zehtuka's Pack Small Equipment Pack Light Equipment Pack Large Equipment Pack Heavy Equipment Pack
Backpack.png Belt Pouch.png Bag.png Charr Bag.png Zehtuka's Pack.png Small Equipment Pack.png Light Equipment Pack.png Large Equipment Pack.png Heavy Equipment Pack.png


  • The backpack cannot be dragged away into another container or be destroyed.
  • A belt pouch holds 5 items, 10 when upgraded with a Rune of Belt Holding.
  • A bag holds 5 items, 10 when upgraded with a Rune of Holding.
  • Charr Bags and Zehtuka's Pack hold 10 items and are treated like a bag.
  • All types of bags can be upgraded with a Superior Rune of Holding to hold 15 items.
  • Equipment Packs come in various sizes. The Small Equipment Pack holds 5 items, the Light Equipment Pack holds 10 items, the Large Equipment Pack holds 15 items, and the Heavy Equipment Pack holds 20 items.
  • Only weapons, armor and costumes may be stored in an Equipment Pack.
  • The Backpack, Belt Pouch and common bags can be dyed. Equipment packs, Charr Bags, and Zehtuka's Pack can be dyed, but do not show any change in color.
  • The Incubator Kit isn't technically a container as it can't be equipped in the inventory, though it can be used to store specific items.
Bug Bug.Containers cannot be dragged to/within a Xunlai Chest by "dropping" them onto a tab. To move a container, hover over the tab until it displays the contents and then deposit it in a slot of choice.

Containers and Inventory (edit)
Backpack.png BackpackBelt Pouch.png Belt Pouch
Upgrades Rune of Belt Holding.png Rune of Belt Holding Rune of Holding.png Rune of Holding Superior Rune of Holding.png Superior Rune of Holding
Bags Bag.png Bag Charr Bag.png Charr Bag Zehtuka's Pack.png Zehtuka's Pack
Equipment Packs Small Equipment Pack.png Small Equipment PackLight Equipment Pack.png Light Equipment PackLarge Equipment Pack.png Large Equipment PackHeavy Equipment Pack.png Heavy Equipment Pack