Rune of Holding

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Rune of Holding
Rune of Holding.png
Rarity Common
Type Rune
Value 250 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Bonus Not specified
Profession All

Double-click to increase the size of a bag from 5 to 10 slots.

— in-game description

A Rune of Holding is a rune that can only be applied to bags. It is used to increase the storage capacity of a bag from 5 slots to 10 slots. Other inventory supplements like Belt Pouches cannot use this rune. Bags that already have 10 slots also cannot use this rune (such as an already-upgraded Bag, Zehtuka's Pack or a Charr Bag).


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  • These cannot be used to upgrade Equipment Packs.
  • This is one of three runes that is not a suffix for armor pieces, being used to upgrade a bag instead.
  • Unlike regular upgrade components, a Rune of Holding can't be salvaged again from the item it was used on.


  • Would the suffix be applied to the bag, it would become a "Bag of Holding" an iconic item in the Dungeons and Dragons table top RPG.