Chaos Planes

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Chaos Planes
Chaos Planes picture.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
Chaos Planes map.jpg
Map of the Chaos Planes

The Chaos Planes are one of several sub-sections of the Underworld. It can be reached by travelling south from the Labyrinth through the Twin Serpent Mountains. The Chaos Planes lack many distinctive features and are generally barren areas bathed in blue light from the surrounding chasms.

The Chaos Planes are inhabited by Banished Dream Riders, ghostly mesmers, each of which will spawn a group of three Mindblade Spectres upon death, when this group is defeated, a group of six Mindblade Spectres are spawned, and when this second group is defeated, a third group of nine Mindblade Spectres is spawned. Occasionally, players will encounter a Wailing Lord accompanied by two Banished Dream Riders. The riders in these groups will not spawn Mindblade Spectres. There are also three groups of Mindblade Spectres that appear in three specific locations. The Mindblades that "pop" come in groups of three and do not spawn six then nine when they die.




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