The Four Horsemen

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The Four Horsemen
Section The Underworld Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Reaper of the Chaos Planes
in Chaos Planes
(The Underworld)
Preceded by Clear the Chamber
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
The Four Horsemen map.jpg
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Stop the four riders of Dhuum before they reclaim what once was theirs.

Quest information[edit]




After accepting this quest, the four horsemen begin their approach toward the Reaper from the middle section of the Chaos Planes. The horsemen, accompanied by several Terrorweb Dryders, split into two groups approaching from separate sides. The groups will attempt to eliminate the Reaper, returning the party to the outpost from which they entered the Underworld.

This quest is arguably the most difficult in the underworld, requiring a good strategy to survive.

Strategy 1: Defend the Reaper[edit]

Spread out around the Reaper and make your stand there. Keep your distance to each other and to the Reaper to mitigate the Dryders' AoE spells - flag your heroes if you brought any.

Your healers' priority should be to keep the Reaper alive. Everyone else must focus on dispatching or disabling the incoming foes. With a sufficiently strong party, you will outlast the waves, completing the quest.

This works well in normal mode and can be done with a 7-hero-team. In hard mode, more elaborate strategies are needed.

Strategy 2: Use the Choke Points[edit]

Use one or two party members to delay one side while everyone else kills the other.

This strategy needs a dedicated tank to draw aggro and block the foes on one side. A tank with permanent spell targeting prevention should be able to do it alone, otherwise help from a healer may be needed. The tank will last longer with knockdown prevention, Mantra of Flame and anything that boosts armor. The healer must be very careful not to draw aggro, keeping out of range, only approaching the tank when needed.

When the tank is ready, the other party members can accept the quest and intercept all spawns from the other side. Running as far as possible towards the spawns results in earlier kills, reducing the time your tank needs to hold out. On the other hand, staying closer to the reaper allows you to take measures should the tank fall.

Strategy 3: Combination[edit]

Team splits, one person sits on Reaper and waits for rest of team to get in position on right or left side at spawn point, decide which. This person (First Person) will then activate quest once team in position. First person then puts spirits up/ traps on opposite side's choke point, slowing that side. Ensure to scatter spirits, fire storm width between each one to max all spirits giving more time. That person(s) then sits on and waits next to the Reaper. Note choke point is point at which group changes direction while heading towards Reaper, not spawn point. It is near to Reaper, where they all gather, the area round the Reaper is in a circular shape, where the lugs form the circle to left and right =s choke.

Other persons/rest of team (flag all hero's here) sit on one of the Spawn points (either in middle of Kazhad/Ghozer or OR middle of Madruk/Thul Za) and kills groups/as much as possible as soon as quest starts, 2 groups if time, killing one side.

As soon as First person on Reaper sees group approaching/attacking first of his spirits on opposite choke point side, use what else can u do for us warp/talk to spirit. Practice this before quest start to get use too, quickly warping whole team back to spirit, saving time on getting whole team back to defend. Double Sos may help so getting more dmg for 1st group, and also spirits for opposite First person.

Now take out the other sides bosses ( original Reaper persons side) you may get some come on other side u took, so be ready for both sides still. Person that was on Reaper originally may help out by going out to side that is weakened and setting spirits around choke point, slowing down any stragglers, giving whole team more time to deal with 2nd side.

Traps are not entirely necessary, totally up to to team preferences, spirits do delay as do minions with aotl. Anything to delay, Tank is also not necessary, as I say up to team pref

Main strategy here really is to weaken or destroy one side quickly while First person delays and warps everyone back to then take other side more safely and quickly. Watch out for stragglers from either side after main groups dealt with.









Initial dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Chaos Planes
"Before the time of Grenth, when death was ruled by a cruel and unjust god, there stood a tower and a throne on this very plain. But Grenth rose up and destroyed the one called Dhuum and shattered down his tower, leaving only these storms of chaos as a reminder of the power once held dominion here. My vigil over these lands was broken for a time, and I can feel a resurgence of the old taint. Four horsemen approach, riders of Dhuum. Destroy them before they can reclaim this place and throw the underworld into chaos!"
Yes Accept: "I will defeat them!"
No Decline: "I want no part in this."
Ask Ask: "The riders of Dhuum stand upon the plains of chaos once more. Long have I restrained the cruel energies of this place, but now that they have taken shape once more, I do not believe I can defeat them on my own. We will need to work together. Destroy as many as you can before they have an opportunity to join forces."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Chaos Planes
"With the Dhuum riders destroyed, I will see to it that the old taint does not gain dominion over this area again. The underworld will rest safely in the hands of Grenth"