Clear the Chamber

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Clear the Chamber
Section The Underworld Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Lost Soul
in The Labyrinth
(The Underworld)
Followed by Escort of Souls, Unwanted Guests and
Restoring Grenth's Monuments
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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Clear the Chamber is the first quest in the Underworld and it must be completed to get out of the beginning area. You need to wipe the area of Grasping Darknesses and free the Reaper of the Labyrinth from the grasp of the Terrorweb Dryders so that the Lost Soul can wander the Underworld freely.

Quest information[edit]




Important note: This quest is a legendary death trap for players new to the Underworld. It is important to advise these players not to take the quest before entering to avoid any problems caused by the groups of Grasping Darknesses spawned by this quest. Clearing the area of all Bladed Aatxes before taking this quest is beneficial. However, aggroing a number of Aatxes and Grasping Darknesses at the same time may serve as a stress test for the party, and show wether it is up to the challenges of The Underworld.

When a player accepts this quest three groups of Grasping Darknesses spawn nearby. Two of the groups spawn on the upper level of the beginning area and begin patrolling there. The third group spawns further away and will patrol from that point to the upper level of the beginning area and back. If the players stay on the lower area they will remain out of aggro range. The groups consist of three or four Darknesses each and aren't difficult to defeat for a prepared party.

After eliminating all three groups the doors out of the beginning area will open, revealing the paths to the rest of the Underworld. There are two paths which take you to the next target of the quest, the Terrorweb Dryders. The north-western path is shorter, but leads the party to a tight passage which leads to the destination chamber filled with enemy groups. When approaching from this direction it is hard to pull enemies one group at a time. The north-eastern route is a bit longer and has some small enemy groups in it, but pulling of the groups in the chamber is a lot easier from this side.

Be sure to kill all other enemy groups before attacking the Terrorwebs, because after you kill them a Reaper of the Labyrinth will spawn near the statue of Grenth in the chamber. If there are any enemies left at this point they might attack the Reaper and kill it, causing the party to be taken back to to the outpost from which they left to the Underworld. Speak to the Reaper to receive the quest reward. You might also want to save the quest reward for later on so that you can remove Death Penalty with it.

Important note: Advise all players to not take any further quests from the Reaper. Each of the quests offered spawn additional enemies, which might be hard to fight without extra preparations such as clearing certain areas of their regular enemy groups. Also, the quests Escort of Souls and Unwanted Guests are almost impossible to complete at the same time, because in Escort of Souls you need to protect a group of New Souls following your party and in the other you will face the nearly invincible Vengeful Aatxes.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Lost Soul
"It's odd. I thought after you died, you were sent to the Hall of Judgment so that Grenth could choose your eternal fate. At first, I was relieved to find myself here instead, but...I don't want to be stuck here for eternity either."
"I'd like to explore around a bit, but the other side of this chamber is full of those terrible grasping darkness creatures, servants of the Terrorweb demons if I remember my lore right. One of us tried to go past them, and they struck him down and swallowed his soul! Please help us. Clear this chamber of these phantoms and their Terrorweb masters!"
Yes Accept: "I'll do it!"
No Decline: "I can't help you!"
Ask Ask: "Maybe if you destroy all these grasping darkness phantoms and Terrorweb, Grenth will summon us or send someone to talk to us or something. Anything's got to be better than being stuck here."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Labyrinth
"This area seems safer now. I hope that we will be granted an audience with Grenth soon."
"May the Lord of Death treat you with mercy while you are in his realm."