Escort of Souls

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Escort of Souls
Section The Underworld Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Reaper of the Labyrinth
in The Labyrinth
(The Underworld)
Preceded by Clear the Chamber
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Escort of Souls map.jpg
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Escort a group of New Souls to the village of Mayor Alegheri in the Forgotten Vale.

Quest information[edit]




The safest way to do this quest is to clear all the way to the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale before taking any quests from the Reaper of the Labyrinth. There should be one or two pairs of Bladed Aatxes and four groups of Grasping Darknesses along the way. There is also a group of Coldfire Nights and Stalking Nights that patrols near the statue of Grenth in Forgotten Vale.

Take the quest Restoring Grenth's Monuments from the Reaper of the Labyrinth which will spawn three Terrorweb Dryders at the monument of Forgotten Vale. Destroy the Terrorwebs and speak to the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale which appears after this. Have him teleport you back to the Reaper of the Labyrinth and take the Escort of Souls. After accepting this quest a group of six New Souls will spawn and start to walk to the vale. At the same time, four groups of 6 Mindblade Spectres will spawn, one in the starting point of the Underworld, one in the wide hallway that connects the Labyrinth to the Vale, at the gate between that hall and the vale, and finally one group of 6 Mindblade Spectres will spawn between Mayor Alegheri and the bridge to the Labyrinth.

Do not teleport back to the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale, which leaves the New Souls to walk to the first group of Mindblade Spectres. Instead, have one group member start the quest while the rest of the group stands at first spawning point and kills the group before the New Souls arrive. Try to stay ahead of the group of New Souls or have a good watchful monk.

Note: New Souls will walk towards Vale and will die before you can finish backtracking.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Labyrinth
"The Grasping Darkness have been banished, and the rightful order of things is beginning to return to the Underworld. New souls who wish to pledge their eternal devotion to Grenth arrive every minute. Lead them to the Forgotten Vale and introduce them to Mayor Alegheri. Do this to help restore Grenth's Realm to its rightful state."
Yes Accept: "I'll do it!"
No Decline: "I can't help you!"
Ask Ask: "You must not let the new souls die. Lead them safely to Mayor Alegheri."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mayor Alegheri
"Grenth will be pleased indeed that the souls have arrived safely."


Bug Bug.On rare occasions, the Mindblades do not attack the New Souls, making far easier to complete this quest.