Unwanted Guests

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Unwanted Guests
Section The Underworld Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Reaper of the Labyrinth
in The Labyrinth
(The Underworld)
Preceded by Clear the Chamber
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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You are required to wipe the Labyrinth of the Vengeful Aatxe by killing the Keepers of Souls that have made them invulnerable.

Quest information[edit]


  • Clear The Labyrinth of the invading Dryder Force. you have 6..0 groups remaining.
  • Return to Reaper of the Labyrinth for your reward.



Note: Before taking this quest you should clear the entire Labyrinth and free the Reapers of Forgotten Vale and Ice Wastes so that you can use the teleport function to attack the Keeper of Souls from behind. The quest Escort of Souls should not be taken at the same time.

Once you accept the quest, six clusters of foes spawn throughout the Labyrinth. Each cluster consists of one Keeper of Souls, two groups of three Terrorweb Dryders, three groupless Skeletons of Dhuum and two groups of three Vengeful Aatxes. The Vengeful Aatxes are invulnerable, but they do less damage than Bladed Aatxes. In each cluster, the Aatxes and Dryders die immediately when the Keeper of Souls of the same cluster is killed. To complete the quest you need to kill all six Keepers of Souls.

In some cases when you approach a cluster from behind you can kill all Terrorweb Dryders without aggroing the Aatxes or the Keeper. After killing them you will sometimes have a clear path to the Keeper of Souls and sometimes you will be required to aggro the Vengeful Aatxes on the way. The Keeper of Souls is easy to kill, but if you have to aggro the Aatxes you might have a tough time depending on your party. If possible someone should tank the Aatxes while the rest of the party kills the Keeper or the Dryders. You can also utilize traps which will knock down and cripple the otherwise invulnerable Aatxes.

After clearing all of the groups you can return to the Reaper of the Labyrinth to get your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Labyrinth

"The stench of the Terrorwebs still lingers in the Labyrinth. The Vengeful Aatxe have been enchanted by a Keeper of Souls. No blade, hammer, or spell in any world can do harm to them while the Keeper lives. Kill the Keeper to disable his potent magics, and the Vengeful aatxe will follow him into death. If you do this, the death god will look upon your actions and smile."

Yes Accept: "I'll do it!"
No Decline: "I can't help you!"
Ask Ask: "The Vengeful Aatxe cannot be harmed so long as the Keeper of Souls themselves maintain their wicked magics."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Reaper of the Labyrinth

"A close call, perhaps, but nevertheless, the keeper and its vengeful aatxe have been destroyed. Grenth will be pleased at your actions."


Anomaly Anomaly.Skeletons, who were added later, will not die when killing the Keepers of Souls.