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Dmg +10...20% (vs. <affiliation or creature type>)

— in-game description

Of <affiliation or creature type>slaying is series of weapon upgrade which grant a 10-20% attack damage bonus against creatures of a specific affiliation or creature type.

Upgrade components which provide this bonus[edit]



  • 20% Sword Pommels, Bow Grips, and Hammer Grips of Charrslaying can still be salvaged from certain weapons obtained from Ascalon (post-Searing) collectors. Prior to the April 19, 2007 game update, these collector weapons included salvageable 25% Charrslaying suffix mods instead. The update did not affect any existing 25% versions in players' inventories.
  • Found inside the Gw.dat, the "of Snakeslaying" existed at some point, but it was not implemented in the end. It was probably intended for enemies of the snake type, like Nagas and Kraits.

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